I am extremely new to GIS mapping and I'm trying to do what I believe would be relatively simple. I have two layers: one contains data on school locations in Chicago and the other contains data on child abductions; both layers are point shape. What I would like is to only show the schools that are within one mile of a child abduction in order to reduce the number of features shown on the map.

I apologize if this is a duplicated question, but the 'Similar Questions' box didn't suggest the type of question I'm looking to have answered.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Technical details: I'm operating on a Windows 7 OS using ArcEditor Single Use evaluation trial software. I'm somewhat familiar with Python (but not overly familiar) if needed.

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To only show the schools within one mile of a child abduction (creepy!):

Open ArcMap and add both layers, use Select by location to select the schools: enter image description here

Then right click on the schools, go down to selection> and find make layer from selected features, then turn off the school layer.

This selection can be exported if you right click on the layer then go to Data> then export data.

A selection layer is just a subset, it's not a new shapefile so anything you do to this layer is reflected in the original unless you export it.


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