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We have some hard copy maps which were projected in Gauss Kruger coordinate system (in the legend it has been mentioned). But, the coordinates were given in Geographic lat long (Beijing 1954). In Global mapper, if we enter the geographic lat long and change the projection, it will change the coordinates accordingly & will detect the Zone too. Is there any such thing in QGIS or even in ArcGIS.

We have tried by assigning geographic lat long (Beijing 1954) to the data frame (Default CRS in the case of QGIS) and entered the geographic lat long and tried with the Target CRS as Gauss Kruger projection. But still, it doesn't convert the coordinates correctly.

All i can see is, first we have to georeference the image in Geographic lat long and then we have to reproject (Warp in case of QGIS) the image. Is there any other options available ?

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Geo- referencing Projected coordinated raster with GCS - ArcGIS

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