I have imported a PostGIS layer as the only object into my project and set the project and layer CRS to EPSG:32615 (UTM Zone 15N). My layer appears just fine in the work area. When I try to create a print composer, I cannot get the map to appear in the print composer, even though I click the Set to map canvas extent button in the composer. The print composer only shows a blank, white area. If I set the project CRS to EPSG:4326 I can add the map to the print composer.

Is there a setting I need to change to adjust to CRS of the print composer?

EDIT Following some advice, I created a layer and manually added a polygon. I noticed the issue pops up when I try to place the polygon near the origin. If the polygon is hundreds of thousands of meters from the origin, when I add the map to the print composer, things work fine. If I place the polygon around the origin (positive and negative x and y values), the print composer seems not to like it. With the linked file, I noticed that if I changed the scale of Print Composer 3 to 32 or less a zoomed in version of the polygon appears. Anything higher than 32 gives me a blank page.

Test File: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-SpdXvKI1JgX1lGbnFDMWFxRHM&usp=sharing

This makes me think I've configured something incorrectly. Can anyone spot it?

Sample WKT:

"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((11.0959798314622 6.46039688549521 0,11.885913117052 5.85981372972084 0,11.6611675157088 5.56421098165167 0,10.8708850668735 6.16452289633918 0,11.0959798314622 6.46039688549521 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((11.885913117052 5.85981372972084 0,11.0959798314622 6.46039688549521 0,11.3224760481292 6.75811300197837 0,12.1123181897999 6.15759914256564 0,11.885913117052 5.85981372972084 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((11.5466005766636 7.05271167221563 0,12.3363525288016 6.45226638354819 0,12.1123181897999 6.15759914256564 0,11.3224760481292 6.75811300197837 0,11.5466005766636 7.05271167221563 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((12.3363525288016 6.45226638354819 0,11.5466005766636 7.05271167221563 0,11.7764387175175 7.35482055386346 0,12.5660981809189 6.75444558401706 0,12.3363525288016 6.45226638354819 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((12.0073425546073 7.65833023129213 0,12.7984300880318 7.06002642651748 0,12.5660981809189 6.75444558401706 0,11.7764387175175 7.35482055386346 0,12.0073425546073 7.65833023129213 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((12.7984300880318 7.06002642651748 0,12.0073425546073 7.65833023129213 0,12.232087222072 7.95374403812074 0,13.0236497939066 7.35625275343114 0,12.7984300880318 7.06002642651748 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((12.4618565878502 8.25576251892767 0,13.2512402335275 7.65559725220707 0,13.0236497939066 7.35625275343114 0,12.232087222072 7.95374403812074 0,12.4618565878502 8.25576251892767 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((13.2512402335275 7.65559725220707 0,12.4618565878502 8.25576251892767 0,12.6819923681615 8.54511821138774 0,13.470326977221 7.94375703426402 0,13.2512402335275 7.65559725220707 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((12.9075850363348 8.84164744281931 0,13.6967905731785 8.24161942134774 0,13.470326977221 7.94375703426402 0,12.6819923681615 8.54511821138774 0,12.9075850363348 8.84164744281931 0)))"
"MULTIPOLYGON Z (((14.157865342396 8.84806051755353 0,13.9250314628096 8.5418194421421 0,13.1383077374417 9.14491982213477 0,13.3700411704104 9.44952075323603 0,14.157865342396 8.84806051755353 0)))"

Project CRS: enter image description here

Layer CRS: enter image description here

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  • in composer main properties does it says Cache, Render or Rectangle? – Antonio Locandro May 23 '14 at 15:02
  • @AntonioLocandro It starts as Cache, but I've tried the other two as well. I also press the Update Preview button. – Tyler DeWitt May 27 '14 at 13:30
  • 2
    Can you confirm that the geometry in your layer corresponds to UTM coordinates? It should have x,y's in the hundred thousands. – DPierce May 30 '14 at 15:45
  • @DPierce Our use case is strange in that we store our geometries without a CRS because our geometries represent storage boxes and trucks that move around. We model our geometries in meters, so when displaying the geometries we just needed something that was expecting meters. I have double checked and the project CRS reads: EPSG:32615 and the layer CRS reads: EPSG:32615. Is there something else I could check for you? – Tyler DeWitt May 30 '14 at 16:29
  • 1
    I can not see any objects with your test file, but the WKTs work for me. What QGIS version and what OS are you working with? – AndreJ Jun 3 '14 at 15:16

First off your polygon feature is showing up in the Pacific ocean, not sure if that is correct or not?

enter image description here

Secondly, you are representing a feature that is slightly more in the southern hemisphere using a northern projection/coordinate system EPSG:32615 (UTM Zone 15N). If you save your polygon layer out as EPSG:32715 (UTM Zone 15S) and load it into QGIS, it works fine in the composer with the project CRS set to EPSG:32715 (UTM Zone 15S).

  • I suggest to use EPSG:3857, which is usable worldwide, except in the polar regions. – AndreJ Jun 4 '14 at 12:12

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