I used to be able to iterate over selected features using the following script in v2.0.

import processing
features = processing.getfeatures(layer)
for feature in features:
  #Do whatever you need with the feature

However, this doesn't seem to work when I upgraded my QGIS to v2.2. Is there any new way on how to iterate selected vectors?

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You can use the solutions given in Using processing algorithms from the console:

But if you look at what's in the module (version 2.2):

import processing

no more getfeatures() or getFeatures()

You can control this with a little function adapted from Script de Python para filtrar por patrón de texto los métodos de Clases en PyQGIS de José Guerrero

import re
def get_patt(keyword, L):
    return [item for item in dir(L) if re.search(keyword,item)]

but there is:


So the command is:

features = processing.features(layer)

But for me, it is easiest with:

without processing:

layer = qgis.utils.iface.activeLayer()

with processing:

layer = processing.getObject("name_of_the_layer")

All the features:

for feat in layer.getFeatures():
     geom= feat.geometry()
     attr =feat.attributes()

Selected features only:

for feat in layer.selectedFeatures():
     geom= feat.geometry()
     attr =feat.attributes()

and, for example, an "universal solution":

if layer.selectedFeatureCount():
     geom = [feat.geometry() for feat in layer.selectedFeatures()]
     geom = [feat.geometry() for feat in layer.getFeatures()]
  • Thanks gene for your detailed reply. Indeed the recent version (v2.2) uses 'processing.features(layer)' instead of the old 'processing.getfeatures(layer)'. Many thanks!
    – jre
    Commented May 28, 2014 at 15:34

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