I'm starting using ArcGis and I would like to create a TIN from UAV images.

What are the steps that I have to follow? I think:

  • Mosaic the images, merge o join. (I have 40 aereal pictures in .JPG)
  • Georeference the big joined picture with GPS points (I may have these points, but in other cases not).
  • Do something else.
  • Create the TIN or xyz cloud points to export to AutoCAD.

How can I do this? Do I need other tools?

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Creating a TIN from UAV images is not a simple task. Prior to making the TIN, you need to design your flight plan so you have sufficient overlap in your flight. In order to build a TIN from imagery you must be able to extract a point cloud from the imagery, which must have stereo overlap. When you have the appropriate image collection, you can use software such as PhotoSynth or SimActive to extract a point cloud. When you have a point cloud of elevation points from the collected stereo images from the UAV you can create a TIN using mass points. The ortho process will be for visual, not TIN creation. An alternative to this process would be to generate contours from the stereo imagery in a stereo compilation software process; and then use the contours to create a TIN.

  • Thank you. However I don't know what may be the process. Supposed I had the images, I have to join them or not? – 788498 May 28 '14 at 16:16
  • No, the joining of images will only give you a mosaic (single image for visual...pretty picture). You need to have a software (PhotoSynth or SimActive) that can make a point cloud from multiple images). I suggest you continue looking online at options. There are some pages dedicated to this process. I have seen someone put up a full workflow using a SenseFly UAV. – Ryan Garnett May 28 '14 at 16:19

There are many tools available that have the capability to create point clouds from images, including those from UAS systems. These include:

The workflow for these are fairly straight forward and can easily create point clouds from overlapping images.

  • Thanks your answer. What abou erdas, what may I have to learn to do this? I read something like ArcGis is good to Create a tin, but I need other software to process the UAV imagery. – 788498 May 28 '14 at 16:40

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