Please suggest how to draw a style like - x x - (dash cross cross dash), with a dash length 25 mm and gap between dash and cross is 2mm


It's possible only in QGIS 2.3 and above (so will be possible in the upcoming 2.4 stable release). Here's how (I'm assuming here you want a gap of 2mm between the two crosses and between the two dashes also):

  • Add a simple line symbol layer, set the cap style to flat, tick "Use custom dash pattern" then click "Change" and copy the settings values below:

enter image description here

  • Add another symbol layer, change it to a "marker line" symbol layer type. Tick "with interval" and enter 13.00 (make sure it's set to millimeters). Set the "offset along line" to 4.5:

enter image description here

  • Expand out the tree below this marker line till you get to the "simple marker" item, click it and choose a cross style symbol

  • Add another symbol layer, change it again to a marker line with an interval of 13.00. This time set the "offset along line" to 6.5 mm. Again, change it's marker type to a cross symbol:

enter image description here

And you're done!..

enter image description here

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