I have spatial data that has been put together with ArcGIS for Desktop and exported to me as a .pmf file.

How can I use the .pmf file in QGIS?

There are about 1000 points and I don't want to have to redo this work.

Do I have to convert it to something else so I can import it to QGIS? If so, can someone suggest a converter program?

I also have the points in an Excel file.


The .pmf file is a document file that references GIS data from another source, so it cannot be exported and only viewed using ArcReader:

ArcReader can only read data through a PMF. The PMF supports access to all standard vector and raster formats supported by ArcGIS. The PMF does not include the data. Rather, the PMF references the data whether it is on a local drive, a shared network drive, or an Internet service. The PMF preserves a live connection to the data, so the user's data view is dynamic.

If the excel file has x/y or lat/lng coordinates, then you can simply convert it to a .csv and load it into QGIS using the Add Delimited Text Layer button. Once you see the points in the map you can export (Save As) this point event layer to whatever GIS format you would like (e.g. shapefile, file geodatabase...etc).

  • Thank you! The Excel file has Radius Easting and Radius Northing coordinates. Will that suffice for x/y coordinates? Is there a particular way I need the x/y columns to be organized/labeled in order for it to be imported correctly? – JPDA May 29 '14 at 12:48

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