I am building an API on top of OpenLayers 3. I can't display here the whole code for professional reasons. This is a bit how my classes look like.

// external file xgis.js

xgis = {};

// xgis.map
xgis.map = function(options) {
    // map definitions ...
// Inherits from ol.Map
goog.inherits(xgis.map, ol.Map);

The goal is to build an SDK, which I named here "xgis". We want to implement some callbacks. For example, when I perform a zoomIn, I have a callback named onZoomIn that executes some code. I know that it is done with the event "moveend", like in this fiddle.

Now, I want to implement some callback functions:

  • onZoomIn --> fires after a zoom in
  • onZoomOut --> fires after a zoom out
  • onMapReady --> fires when the map is ready (has loaded all the layers)
  • onPanEnd --> fires when the drag/pan has ended

Are there other events in OpenLayers 3, like "zoomend" or something?




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