I'm making a simple map with locations of daycare centers plotted. I have two filters, one that shows ages and another that shows different types of centers. I can filter one one or the other, but not both.


For example, how do I filter the map to show only Corporate sites that serve 0-2 years?

Currently the query for one column is like this:

query = "select * from table_04apr2014 where age_range like "+ "'%"+agerange+"%'";

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Without knowing anything about cartodb but believing it is just like all SQL databases, if you have attributes "age_range" and "type" it might be something like "select * from table_04apr2014 where age_range like "+ "'%"+agerange+"%'" and type like "+ "'%"+typevariable+"%'";

Syntax may be wrong with all the +%'" but you seem to know how to write the query.


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