At production server, IIS and GeoServer are installed. I can access IIS at port 80 From out side the production environment. i also want to access GeoServer at the same port 80 from out side of production environment, Like But, i could not access GeoServer at port 80.

Is it possible to access both IIS and Geoserver at port 80 ? Actually I do not want to open any other port for accessing GeoServer. Is there any solution available for accessing both Geoserver and IIS at port 80 ?

need for useful suggestion for solving this problem

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You need to set up a proxy under IIS - see How to configure Proxy.cgi with IIS or google geoserver iis for more discussions.


+1 to iant use a proxy.

or you can install Tomcat 6.0.3 (7 has issues with geoserver)

then edit tomcat/conf/server.xml file - set the proxy in the file

set incoming traffic routed to localhost:80

Edit the Inbound Rule in IIS

See http://cartoninjas.pl/post/2011/02/01/GeoServer-production-environment-on-Windows-Server-with-IIS-and-Apache.aspx for full details


We have implemented this. All you need to do is install the Application Request Routing module and the URL rewrite module on IIS. Then create a rule in URL rewrite to direct all geoserver calls from IIS to your java container port. e.g. you can refer to "/geoserver/wms" in your open layers code but URL rewrite rule can redirect this to "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms" (assuming port 8080 runs geoserver).

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