I have a 3D data set of some buildings in ESRI Shapefile MultiPatch format. The buildings appear in 3D in ArcScene (10.2.1 on Windows 8.1 64bit) and I am able to move, rotate and scale buildings. However when I select a building in an editing session and I go to vertex editing, if I try to edit any of the vertices of my building I am presented with a 'Select a single editable feature to modify' prompt. I am unable to work out why I can't edit at vertex level for this set of buildings.

A depiction of the error that I'm getting

In addition clicking on the building appears to make it disappears until I select another building and the original building reappears. Anyone have any thoughts about this issue?

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ArcScene does not support vertex level editing for MultiPatch files, however ArcScene does not alert you to this fact. Source


@Loxodrome correctly answered that you can't do this in ArcScene. However, the workflow for editing buildings is to export multipatch to collada then open the file and edit in SketchUp (free software). Once complete, replace the multipatch in ArcScene with the edited one.

  • The tool for this is in Arc and it's called "MultiPatch to Collada" if anyone is wondering! Commented Jun 2, 2014 at 12:10

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