I have a line with two 2 attributes. I would like to display both information along with the line in frequent interval, one info above the line and the other is below the line. I am working in QGIS 1.8.0-Lisboa software.


You can label the first attribute above the line using the usual way, then duplicate the layer and change the labelling to beneath the line.

I`m not sure if this was already implemented in Lisboa. If not, I suggest an update to QGIS 2.2

Alternatively, you can make a label across 2 lines with something like "operator" || '/n' || "ref" , centered on the line. You have to add the /n separator in the Formatting tab.

  • To generalise on the answer: Data you wish to use from attribute table, is obtained by putting the column name between double quotation marks, fixed text between single quotes, and the || acts as a 'string-join' or concatenation. For example, to label links is a sewage system, i have labels as follows: "shape"||"height"||'/'||"width" , which leads to labels like EGG700/1500 , based on multiple attributes of the links in the network. – Tim Couwelier Jun 3 '14 at 14:53

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