I have a query layer that's simply a DB view call in PostgreSQL, the view is as such:

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW daily_query AS SELECT b.id, b.first_name, b.last_name, c.assignment_date::date AS assignment_date, d.case_id, d.case_sequence, d.status, a.address_complete, a.the_geom_point FROM universe a, staff b, enumerator_assignments c, enumerator_case_assignments d WHERE b.id = c.enumerator_id AND c.objectid = d.enumerator_assignments_id AND a.id = d.case_id;

The query layer is simply a call to the view

select * from daily_query

The layer renders fine in ArcMap - but then I try to publish the layer as a Service to ArcGIS Server, I want this to be a FeatureService so I enable "Feature Access" Capability and I only allow "Query" operation. and I don't allow "Geometry Updates".

When I run "Analyze" it returns with "00134: Layer's data source is not supported"

The Service Analyzes and Publishes fine if I don't enable "Feature Access" on it.

I'm running 10.2.2

Any ideas?

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    Do you have editing capabilities through that DB connection? I believe enabling Feature Access implies editing privileges. – Mintx Jun 3 '14 at 20:59

The issue was that half the tables were SDE enabled and half were not (thus ArcGIS could not enable editing capability).

Turned out I did not need Feature access, and map service was more than enough.

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