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Accessing ArcObjects from Python

I would like to be able to script some things that are not exposed via arcgisscripting or ArcPy. How do I access ArcObjects from Python?
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Build Network Dataset with python comtypes

I know this isn't possible in arcpy, so I thought I'd give it a stab using comtypes. I am trying to translate some of the VB.NET code to create a network dataset from the help docs: http://resources....
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Use arcpy to connect to database without connection file

It seems like arcpy can only work with connection files. This creates one of two problems: Deployment requires manual creation of connection files. We have to write a bunch of code to recreate the ...
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How can I call a .NET / C# tool (i.e. a .DLL file) from a model workflow or a Python script?

I've developed Add-in tools (with Windows dialog GUIs) for ArcMap which work fine, but I would also like to be able to call these directly (passing in parameters so I won't need to display the dialog) ...
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Exploring ArcObjects through C# or VB from Python background

While I understand that this may be off topic to an extent, I am in a bit of a bind and could use some help directing my thought process and research. I have little programming background aside ...
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Checking .mxd version using ArcPy?

I am looking for a way to check the mxd version of a bunch of mxds. I found a script here at ArcPy method to determine ArcMap document version I am using ArcGIS 10.3.1 on my desktop. It goes through ...
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Automatically open attribute table after ModelBuilder is complete?

I know there is a setting to add the finished product to the map after model builder is done. Is there a setting to automatically open up the attribute table after as well?
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ArcObjects/Python: Add JPG to layout

I am attempting (and failing) to add an image to a map layout using ArcObjects via Python comtypes. I do need to run this outside of ArcMap (i.e. not in the ArcMap Python window). The basic idea is: ...
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How to change spelling of scalebar label using arcpy?

I have come to realise that hundreds of my MXD files have the scalebar units label spelled as "Meters" instead of "Metres". I suspect this is something I am going to have to do manually (I don't know ...
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Python Add In Change tab in Table of Contents [duplicate]

I'm working on an add in that generates new structures for an addressing system. The tool is working well, but as it runs, at some point it changes tabs in the Table of Contents to the "List By Source"...
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Creating a Legend with arcpy and comtypes [duplicate]

I am relatively new working with python and arcobjects. Under normal limitations I know that you cannot create a Legend or any arcobject with arcpy.mapping. Is there a generic example of creating a ...
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How to create a line by passing two points and save in feature class in arcobjects using

I want to create a line from two points in acrobjects. but i don't know how to save that line to a feature class public static ILine CreateSegment(IPoint pFrom, IPoint pTo) { ILine line = new ...
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Python-ArcObjects mxDocument Stand Alone

if I need to work with classes MxDocument with the MapDocument that I have selected to work , for example style gallery, How can I instantiate ? InitStandalone() pMapDoc = CreateObject(esriCarto....
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ArcMap add-in to make connection and load the database on VB.NET

I'm new at Arcobjects programming. Currently I'm trying to make an ArcMap Add-in which can connect and load a database into ArcMap. I have found samples on the Esri website, but it seems not to be ...
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