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Selecting largest feature within each feature using ArcGIS Desktop? [duplicate]

I need to select the largest feature within another feature using Arcmap 10.3. I have two sets of data, building footprints and land parcels. Generally there is a many to one relationship where there ...
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Assign buffer an attribute based on the largest polygon inside [duplicate]

I would like to assign a buffer polygon a value from another layer. I have cliped the two layers together. I then tried to dissolve the new layer by buffer ID, but I could not manage to get the ...
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Attributes of polygons in a shapefile based on largest area intersection with polygons from a different shapefile [duplicate]

I have a shapefile of landcover. It was developed from a raster dataset (the Crop Data Layer). I also have a grid of 50x50m cells (polygons in a shapefile) I have overlain on the landcover shapefile....
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Determining the ID of the largest area(s), by bounding box(es) [duplicate]

Here's a curly one! EDIT: As an alternative the modal raster value inside each bounding box would work, and might possibly be faster. Still unsure how to do it though. Perhaps Zonal statistics using ...
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ArcGIS spatial joining problem [duplicate]

I have two polygon layers, Land-use and Mesh. I had this mesh layer in specific geometric way. Anyways, I want the mesh layer to have the landuse value of the maximum area it contains. Lets say that ...
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Clipping out polygon into buffer layer so that buffer layer shows dominant feature from polygon layer? [duplicate]

What I am trying to do is clip out a land use layer for the city of Boulder, CO within the confines of a 500ft buffer that I have created for a bunch of road segments. Beyond that I'm trying to get ...
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Calculating predominant value according to area within polygons using QGIS?

I am using QGIS 2.18.1 Las Palmas, in Windows 10, and that's the issue I want to clarify: I've got 2 polygon shapes. 1- One with river basins, and 2- other one with different levels of ...
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Hexabin map from multiple polygon layer

I work at urban planning and I am trying to create an hexbin map from landscape use of a small city. I have different polygons (vector layers) like buildings, roads, gardens, services, industry, and ...
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Statistics for point data within each polygon using ArcMap?

I think this is a pretty basic GIS operation but I'm not sure how to do it. I have hundreds of polygons, and within each polygon there is point data (see picture). The point data has a field "Type" ...
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Extracting attributes from one layer into another layer's different features using ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I am trying to work out how to do something in ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 and just can't find a way. I have a land use map of an area as seen in the first picture. I have this layer in both polygon and ...
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Grouping data by region in ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a map of the UK which splits the whole country into 1km polygon squares. Each polygon contains data, and I want to try and group the squares into local authority level. I have tried overlaying ...
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Slow processing in ArcMap

I am working with the vector files: Landuse classification shapefile for a certain area with 4 landuse categories - builtup, vegetation, water and open spaces. (area bounds = 95sqkm). I classified a ...
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Spatially joining small target feature to one of multiple join features using ArcGIS Desktop?

I am trying to spatially join characteristics from a larger unit (here: county) to a smaller unit (say, local district), such that for every local district I will also know in which county it is in. ...
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Assign grid squares to polygons that most contain them

I have a featureclass that is a grid of the countries of the world (88,110 squares). I am trying to assign all the grid cells to the country that each cell MOST contains (from a shapefile of country ...
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Performing overlapping zonal statistics in ArcGIS?

I have buffer lines overlapping and within these lines I want to know the type of land use. However, overlapping is not allowed with Zonal statistics. How do I do this in ArcGIS because I want all ...
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