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Comparing two spatial point patterns?

If I have two point pattern distributions within the same geographic region, how would I go about visually and quantitatively comparing those two distributions? Also assume I have many points within ...
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How to map the frequency of overlapping points within an urban area?

I've been asked to do a favor for someone since I'm "the mapping guy" and could use some theoretical help by way of examples since my actual cartography skills are a little rusty. I have a series of ...
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How can I reproduce Getis-Ord GI* hot-spot analysis tool in QGIS?

I'm trying to find a hot-spot analysis plug-in for QGIS that would perform similarly to the Getis-Ord (Gi*) hot-spot analysis tool used in Arc, but have not been successful. Does anyone have a ...
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How could I turn my data into a heatmap / intensity map?

I have database that tracks a large number of entities. Each entity has a 'coverage area' or 'catchment area' - a radius in miles from a specified UK postcode, eg Leyton office 4.3m E11 4LL ...
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Making heat maps using ArcGIS?

I want to prepare the heat maps so what parameters are required for that?? I have large point data (I want to represent the density on the map) I gone through the following posts : How to build ...
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How to use Heatmap plugin and its output?

I have a layer of points which I would like to depicted as a heatmap concentration of points for visualization. In QGIS 1.8 I tried the built-in heat map plugin, leaving the default values as is, and ...
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Weighted heatmap analysis- density of points, vs density of weight variable

Was just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. I'm trying to map wellbeing scores (out of 10), using locations from a survey of 15,000 households, using the HEatmap command in QGIS. It's ...
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Creating heatmap (concentration of points) in QGIS?

There was already How to build effective heat-maps? from 2010 where the answer was basically "use QGIS Heatmap plugin". I've also read on QGIS webpage that it is now "implemented as a native C++ ...
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How to generate heatmaps with QGIS1.9 plugin automatically?

I created a few heatmaps with the new plugin in QGIS 1.9, but now I would like to generate a lot of them automatically. How should I do? I created a few of them by hand, but I should first import the ...
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Identifying clusters of points within a given distance

So I have a database of lats/longs representing incidents occurring on or near roadways. My goal is to identify the street block areas with the highest number of incidents in the database. I don't ...
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Heatmap of sold homes with constant cell size?

QGIS version 2.18.5 I'm working with annual house prices in England and Wales with excel columns as: A; Transfer Price B; Postcode C; Lat D; Long. There is approx 400,000 rows of data for 2011. I'm ...
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How to get counts from a table to produce a heatmap?

I am trying to create a heat map of doctors per zip code based on zip code. I have a table with the doctors and their zip codes, some of them repeating because there is more than one doctor per zip ...
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Why is interpolation adding too much heat

I am interpolating geo data using qgis. The data is in the form of lat,lon,count. The path of the collected data is shown as a mostly transparent line. The resulting heatmap it produces is shown. ...
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Gradient fill based on scores (similar to elevation)

I'm rather new to using GIS (QGIS, specifically). I've mapped out a cohort of around 550 patients across Long Island, New York based on their full address by using MMQGIS plugin. This data is ...
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