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Getting boundary of raster image as polygon in ArcMap

I have a rectangular raster image in ArcMap. How can I produce a polygon which is just the extent of the raster image? That is, I want to have a polygon layer with a single quadrilateral which is the ...
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Calculating Image boundary / footprint of satellite images using open source tools?

I need to create the polygon outlines of several single layer raster images, not the extent/bounding box, but the area without the nodata values, as shown here: Creating shapefile showing footprints ...
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Selecting vector features that overlay raster in ArcPy?

I have two datasets: point feature class and raster (stored in file geodatabase). The spatial extent of the raster is smaller than the point dataset. Is there a way I could select (or create new, ...
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Create shapefile of raster outline using python

I want to create a single bounding shapefile polygon of valid pixels in raster data (GeoTIFF) using python. I need something efficient as I need to do this for hundreds of rasters. I had thought of ...
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Creating shapefile of satellite image footprints?

I'm looking for a tool or a workflow to compute satellite image footprints, for a large number of images across directories, and produce a shapefile. Ideal work flow would be: fire up tool point to a ...
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extracting the outline of raster imagery using GDAL

Salams I want some help regarding developing a method using GDAL to extract and represent the footprint of any raster file (or group of raster data) in a vector format... any ideas please ??
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Creating full-resolution footprints in ArcGIS mosaic dataset?

In ArcGIS Desktop 10.3, I want to create full resolution footprints in a mosaic dataset to avoid having black areas in the mosaic. When I create footprints ("Build Footprints" tool) using the default ...
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How to create an outline polygon (footprint) from raster data with PostGIS

How can I create a polygon, containing the actual outlines (aka footprint) of a raster file with PostGIS? I just need the outlines of the data containing parts of the raster. ST_PixelAsPolygon creates ...
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Creating a shapefile for footprint of raster's valid data areas with GDAL [duplicate]

I would like to show the borders of the areas of a given ASCII DTM file for which there is data. This problem has been discussed here previously but the recommended solution, the Image Boundary plugin ...
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How to create a boundary polygon around raster extent (.tif) in QGIS

I would like to create a polygon around the raster (.tif) extent so I can calculate for instance the area in m2 within the polygon. When I try to Polygonize or Clip raster by extend (and delete the 0 ...
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