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Landsat 8 cloud/cloud shadow/snow masking in Google Earth Engine [duplicate]

I am a new Google Earth Engine user and I am trying to understand basic procedures/functions. More specifically, I want to remove clouds, cloud shadows and snow pixels form a Landsat 8 collection and ...
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Apply a cloud mask to a Landsat8 collection in Google Earth Engine - time series [duplicate]

I have tried to apply a cloud mask for a landsat 8 collection using code1, code2, and code3 but none will work. code1 encounters the error of not working even after changing var mask =['...
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MOD09A1 QC layer

Does anyone know how to handle MOD09A1 Quality flags (QC) in in R? I was trying to use raster package but unable to unlock the QC band.
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How to apply a Cloud Mask in Google Earth Engine? (Landsat 5 TM 8-Day NDVI Composite)

I need to download ndvi values for some pixels for 2000-2001 using the Landsat 5 TM 8-Day NDVI Composite, but since there is no quality band as in mod13q1 there's no way to filter by quality. ...
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How to apply a Cloud Mask in a collection?

I am trying to apply a mask cloud in a SAVI collection (LANDSAT) to get a chart with time variations between pixels. var region = table3 Map.addLayer(table3) var col = ee.ImageCollection('...
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Landsat 8 extracted pixel values for up North: 'pixel_qa' value of 322

I am trying to get landsat reflectance values corresponding to field plots spread all over Finland using the Google Earth Engine. As you know, Finland is up North, between latitudes of ~60 and 70 ...
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Parsing MOD13Q1 QA layer using Google Earth Engine JavaScript API

Working with Modis MOD13Q1 data and I am not sure how to correctly parse for pixel QA and DetailedQA. // Call data var CRNP_Oban = ee.FeatureCollection("users/sijehasuk/CRNP_Oban2"), ...
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Creating mean image from cloud free images over ROI in GEE for the Landsat SR products

I want to filter all the available cloud-free images of the Landsat series of each year separately and find the mean image in Google Earth Engine. As my ROI is very small, I want images that don't ...
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The QA band of some Landsat 8 images seems to be invalid

I am quite confused about some invalid qa masks. In some images, the VALUE of the QA band is shown as 21824 (cloudless), but the location is actually covered by cloud. In addition to Landsat images, ...
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My EVI index code doesn't work properly [closed]

My code for computing EVI index in google earth engine show EVI amounts for some dates very high or very low. I don't know what to do with this issue: //landsat8 EVI_2013_2020 var landsat8forEVIKoohin ...
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Is it possible to create an average image of the analyzed period after the removal of the clouds to fill the flaws in the images?

// study area var local = ee.Geometry.Rectangle([-42.2974, -20.5299,-40.9406, -19.1815]); Map.addLayer(local); var landsat8 = ee.ImageCollection('LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_SR') // Fmask classification ...
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