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Adding calculated fields with PyQGIS

In the Memory provider described in PyQGIS Cookbook and in the question Creating new empty vector layer with PyQGIS I can see how to create a Vector Layer programmatically using standard fields (...
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PyQGIS 3: Create a layer with a primary key

I have written a plugin for QGIS that is importing some data. In this plugin, I can create a memory layer for the data like I have described here How can ...
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PyQgis - Adding attributes to a POSTGIS layer

After reading @underdark's answer to this question on creating a new vector layer and @Matthias Kuhn's to this one on field calculation, I wrote a script that allows me to calcultate the mean arrival-...
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Converting raster tif to point shapefile using Python?

I've been working on a data that is in .tif raster format. I need to convert that into a points shapefile (.shp) to proceed. I went through GDAL in Python but there's only gdal.Polygonize(). So how do ...
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Creating new empty memory layer with fields scheme from other layer in QGIS?

Being new with python so far, I got inspired by this answer: to dive into it a bit. When creating features in a new target layer from an existing source ...
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Why are the features in my memory layer not displayed?

I am trying to create a memory layer, I followed the directions from the page below but no points appeared on my map. First I tried typing each line into the python console and I also create a plugin ...
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Joining vector layer with CSV-file that contain duplicates in QGIS

I'm currently working on a project, and I received a CSV file which has additional information about each feature. I intend to join the CSV file with an existing layer. Picture it like this: However, ...
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Creating new empty vector layer that has same set of atributes as another layer and then copying subset of features into it

I am new to both Python and QGIS. Here's a sample of my code: unique = layer.uniqueValues(index) attributes = layer..dataProvider().fields().toList() assistant_layer = QgsVectorLayer("Point", "...
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How to add new columns with attributes in existing Qgis layer?

How to add new columns with attributes in existing Qgis layer? Doing the "same thing" here described
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How to depict line symbols with length from attribute

I want to depict angled drill holes as a horizontal traces (plan view). I have a CSV file with X,Y,Azimuth and Horizontal length. Using the simple marker I can get a line pointing in the right ...
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