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Is it possible to open rasters as array in NumPy without using another library?

I know that it is possible to open a raster as an array in NumPy using GDAL, but I want to skip GDAL and use NumPy only, as it is cooler handling rasters with NumPy as matrices. There is a similar ...
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Raster diff: how to check if images have identical values?

Is there a means to check to see if any 2 given raster layers have identical content? We have a problem on our corporate shared storage volume: it's now so big that it takes over 3 days to conduct a ...
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Understanding min and max values with Mosaic to New Raster?

I have to combine several DEM rasters into one from this source:, so I use Mosaic to New Raster tool. I set up the tool: I input the rasters (all ...
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How to create a TIFF file using GDAL from a numpy array and specifying NoData value

I have some tiff files I obtained from splitting a bigger tiff file using gdal translate. The border tiff files have some nodata values, which I can see in numpy as number 15. I want to manipulate ...
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How to save numpy array as single band image?

I'm working on MODIS NDVI composite data (single band). I converted the image to a numpy array and performed filtering operations. When i'm saving the new numpy array as an image I get a 3 band image ...
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Converting QgsRaster object to array

I'm trying to write a plugin for QGIS3 for my organisation, and I'd like to output a standalone figure (i.e. not in the QGIS window) as the final output. This way I can show rasters, line plots and ...
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How to read all raster values in an array?

I want to read the every cell value in a raster file. When I run the script, it should give me the cell location and it's value. I can reach center point of the raster and read it's value with this ...
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layer stack TIFF using python [duplicate]

i work with EVI MODIS and i need to stack all raster i had using python but i don't know how i'm using this backag and script to read my rasters import os import glob from osgeo import ...
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Arcpy "MemoryError"; Get Classification Breaks on a TIF Raster; Jenks Breaks; Python

I have a large .tif raster with integer values. I wish to generate Jenks classification breaks using code and then use those breaks to reclassify my .tif file. I came across a block of code that I ...
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Get coordinates of all pixels in a raster [closed]

I have a georeferenced raster and I need to extract a list with the coordinates of pixel in reference system (EPSG:32631) and the coordinate of pixel in raster reference. I want a list like this (...
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Reading and storing 1st pixels from multiple rasters

I want the code to read 1st pixel from a bunch of rasters (for eg. 1st pixel from 6 different rasters (having same extent and same number of pixels) and convert it into array followed by reading 2nd ...
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