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Coordinate System Alignment - Two features - different systems - yet they align [duplicate]

Using QGIS - I have two feature layers that look to be in alignment. Yet they do not share the same coordinate system. When I switch one layer to the same coordinate system so that they both match, ...
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Changing shapefiles from geographic (WGS84) to projected (EPSG:2263) coordinate system using QGIS

I am trying to calculate service area polygons using the QNEAT3 plug in tool for a project I am doing. However, I got an error before these polygons could be created. 2021-01-04T08:03:38 CRITICAL ...
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QGIS 3 changing layer CRS for multiple layers simultaneously

I have about 30 layers. Each of them has project CRS EPSG:4326, which requires change to EPSG:3857. I know how to do it, which also has been explained here:
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Buffer is too small (OSM Data, EPSG 3857)

I buffered some lines with 100 m in QGIS. When I measured it turns out instead of 100 m its 62. I understand the issue could relate to the CRS. I used EPSG 3857 because the OSM map in the background ...
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Deciding whether to Select Transformation in QGIS

I've installed QGIS and downloaded the sample files (I'm on a Mac). Following the documentation for getting started I double-click on the landcover.img file which is supposed to load in the background....
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Prevent stretching across the entire map when connecting coordinates into path from Asia to North America

I am connecting coordinates around the world in a specific order. When moving from Asia to North America the line makes a connection that stretches across the entire map instead of bleeding over the ...
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Projection transformation of a shapefile

I am using QGIS 3.18.1. I am working on a map around Alaska. I added a world basemap, then added DEM and finally drew a few polygon shapefiles on top. I then tried to find a projection more ...
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QGIS > KML>Google Earth

I'm trying to export vector files from QGIS to KML. When I open the KML in Google Earth I get erratic lines all around the globe. All layers set to WGS84. I have read the other topics on KML export ...
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Imported CSV file with x/y coordinates shown on Null Island in QGIS

Basically, I have a CSV table with lat/long coordinates that I am trying to upload onto a map. However, when I "add text delimited layer" it puts the spots in the completely wrong location. ...
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Using the Advanced Digitizing Panel in QGIS to input distance into UTM layer

I am trying to input (survey) line distance accurately using the Advanced Digitizing Panel. I am working in a layer with a UTM CRS and entering distance based on grid measurements. Unfortunately it ...
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Cannot split vector across the 180degree line in QGIS

I am trying to split the vector I imported from geojson across the 180degree line and it gives me an error: No features were split : If there are selected features, the split tool only applies to ...
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QGIS CRS WGS 84 problem with the scale and measurement

I have a problem with my map scale. It shows 0:1 instead of proper scale. I am not capable to make any measurements, as the values go wrong. When I click on the measurement tool I get an error: This ...
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Georeferenced map of Iceland Stretches

I am trying to georeference a large map of iceland, and with every setting I try, the image streches out on the x axis. I have a feeling it has to do with coordnate projection, but I have tried ...
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Wrong position when reprojecting layers from EPSG:32651 into EPSG:4326

I have a vector layer on my project that I digitized from a geologic map. I originally projected it on WGS 84 UTM Zone 51 North (EPSG:32651) when I was digitizing. I tried reprojecting it to WGS 84 (...
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Two .asc in theory together, far away in QGIS

I am putting two .asc's into QGIS (DEM from Spain with resolution at 5m and DEM from France with resolution at 5m) and instead of putting them together (they are DEMs from different countries that ...
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