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Making linear regression across multiple raster layers using ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a series of 5 rasters which represent a value for 5 consecutive years. Is there a way to create a linear regression for each cell over the 5 layers and output the slope? The result would be ...
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Calculating Slope Between Pixels Through Time using ArcPy?

I have a 9 year weekly time series (~500 raster grids of equal cell size and extent). I'm interested in obtaining the regression line slope between pixels (Imagine stacking all 500 grids on top of ...
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How to Normalize or rescale the NDVI raster image

I have processed my landsat band 3 and band 4 of different years to derive NDVI values the possible values of Normalized difference vegetation index is -1.0 to +1.0. The bands were atmospherically ...
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Possible to use same signature file to classify images from different years? [closed]

I have Landsat images for the same area over 20 years (one photo per year in same season). I would like to detect changes occured in forested area like clear-cut and bark beetle outbreak over time. I ...
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SPOT NDVI time series

I have 423 spot.vgt ndvi from first April 1998 till 31 Dec 2009. I want to know how to stack these NDVI to have one image for time series analysis? Or better to ask how is it possible to analyze a ...
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Using ASTER for time series analysis?

This is a follow up to Where to obtain free 15m ASTER image for New Mexico?. If I want to analyze 10 years or so, do I need to download each ASTER file for each year (e.g. 2003 ASTER, 2004 ASTER,...)...
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Stretching (rescaling) Raster (NDVI) Values between -1 and 1?

I am trying to equalize NDVI values for the same area temporally. For example 2014 LS8 NDVI values between -.12 and .007 while 2011 LS5 values between -.33 and.77. I would like to equalize each raster ...
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Change Detection ArcGIS with multiple dates

I'll explain my aim first: I am trying to create a single raster to represent vegetation resilience, I am doing this via change detection. So far I have created 5 Change detection images, where 2000 ...
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Raster calculator help needed

I have time-series data (rasters) from which I need to calculate the direction of change (increase, no change or decrease) for every pixel from one time-step to the next. I further need an output ...
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Change detection between two Landsat scenes? [duplicate]

I want to do time series analysis and find change in NDVI. I have rasters where each pixel is represented by some value at a time. Also I have same thing but represented by points. And I would like ...
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