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Reverse XY coordinates from csv to qgis? [duplicate]

I find it very difficult to import GPS data from CSV to QGIS and finally I have discovered that the first column in CSV table was Y coordinate and the 2nd was X coordinate. In the picture you can see ...
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Why are Lat/Lon Coordinates often displayed as Lon/Lat in data sets? [duplicate]

Why are Lat/Lon Coordinates often displayed as Lon/Lat in data sets?
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Does Y mean latitude and X mean longitude in every GIS software?

I am using Mapinfo and it has Y as latitude and X as longitude. Is that the same case for all mapping software? As for any country their respective value is multiple of 1 or -1. So for Nepal can I say ...
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Why latitude/longitude and not the other way round?

When you google "latitude/longitude" you get 10 times more results than "longitude/latitude". This I find very confusing as "x/y" seems 20 times more common than "y/x". But on a map Latitude is on ...
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leaflet geojson coordinate problem

I just started to play with leflet/geojson a little. But my coordinates are not rendered properly and I have no clue what is going on. My coordinates are: 52.23943, 4.97599. They work correct with ...
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Why some coordinate systems define x-axis as northings and some as easting?

The definition of north and east are pretty straight forward to grasp but only becomes difficult when used interchangably with x-y coordinates which have varying definitions for the direction of the ...
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Are [-90,-180] and [90,180] theoretically the same point?

I'm not an expert in GIS. To my understanding -180° longitude and +180° longitude are the same, meaning that if I draw two vertical lines on the map along this longitude, they will overlap. But ...
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Why do these points send me to the middle of the ocean or middle of nowhere? [duplicate]

I've been beating my head against the wall trying to map some points using Leaflet + OSM. I put in some sample points (near Bellingham, WA, USA). I've checked the JSON with JSfiddle and GeoJsonlint....
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Projecting Google Maps coordinate to lookup country in shapefile?

I'm using python library GeoPandas which bundles Shapely, Fiona, PyProj and others. I'm importing a countries shapefile to project lat/lon coordinates from a Google Maps API to find the country that ...
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Problem while Reprojecting

When I try to transform geometries from SRID 2321 to 4326, the transformed coordinates are swapping. Why is this happening? Below are the details Source SRID - EPSG:2321 Source Data Projection ...
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