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UMN MapServer alternatives [duplicate]

I am new to GIS application world. I would like to ask what are the other alternatives to UMN MapServer in the market preferably open source?
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Deciding which server best for geospatial data servicing? [duplicate]

I want to serve both vector and raster data sets of large volume (ex: for a country). Right now I'm using GeoServer for vector and MapServer for raster. Is there any literature or reference such ...
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Performing raster map algebra in open source web GIS?

Map algebra for raster is easy with ArcGIS Raster Calculator (or QGIS). I had thought this would be easy with web GIS servers such as GeoServer and MapServer plus OpenLayers etc. as well. What I want ...
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What are the options for publishing maps online, with support for high-res aerial imagery? [closed]

The place I am working wants to publish their maps online - however the only system they have is mapshare, which isn't supported by ESRI anymore. I've suggested DEKHO but I think they are looking at ...
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Differences in costs of open-source hosted GIS software? [closed]

I recently saw a listing of the available GIS products at, which led to a couple of questions. What is the difference between a paid version of GeoServer or MapServer and the ...
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Setting up GIS server or platform [closed]

I have been using GIS for a while but just for analysis and don't know much about the data side of the business. Recently my boss asked me to think about setting up a GIS platform that should be able ...
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Feature table: Mapnik, GeoServer, CKAN, GeoNode, GeoNetwork?

I'm trying to get a clear view of the roles of different components here, this is not a "which is better" comparison, these components have different roles, but their functions overlap. (Comparing ...
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Using data from Arcview on OpenLayers

I'm newbie on this. I got some GIS data on Arcview but I want to develop a Web based GIS, I've found that OpenLayers is pretty easy to me because I'm Javascript/jQuery developer, the issue is that I ...
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WFS implementation suggestion

I need to develop an interactive map (Show map and point with some related data) with OpenLayers from client side but from server side I don't know what I should use. GeoServer seems to be much more ...
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What is the main benefit and drawback of: GeoServer, MapServer, Mapnik? [duplicate]

For the purpose of creating a comparison table, please recommend a couple of feature fields that would apply to each FOSS GIS server. And, perhaps answer the question of which desktop GIS System, ...
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