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Georeferencing vector layer with control points using QGIS?

I have a non-georeferenced vector layer that I need to be georeferenced. With raster layers the task is easy and straightforward, but I have no idea what should I do with my vector layer. I have a few ...
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Importing a building into QGIS? [duplicate]

Given an SVG drawing of a building, and 2 GPS-reference points, as well as where north is in the drawing, how can I import a building into QGIS so the 2 GPS-reference-points are at the same ...
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Merging lines with slightly different endpoints in QGIS

In QGIS, I have two lines. The endpoints are near each other, but not quite aligned. I'd like to turn the two lines into one, with the two endpoints merged into midpoints. The closest I've been able ...
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Creating polygon layer from polyline layer in QGIS

Our systems expect polygon shapefiles, representing a collection of non-intersecting and geometrically valid (Multi)Polygons. Specifically, farm fields. We often receive our representations of farms ...
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Georeferencing vector dataset in QGIS?

This question may seem as it was asked before, but I think I just don't use the right terminology. Here's my problem. I'm an archaeology student trying to make an internal map of a prehistoric ...
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Import Vector data to QGIS from pdf and apply georeference [closed]

I am Using QGIS 2.14. I have a PDF created by Mapinfo, it contains multiple layers of vector data that I can open as separate vector layers in QGIS. However no map projection data was saved to the ...
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Converting vector points to geo coordinate points

So I have an SVG file that has paths for a floor in a building. I want to convert these polygons into something like GeoJSON so that I can draw them in Mapbox. I already know the geo coordinates and ...
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How to fit polylines on base map layer using QGIS?

I have transformed a pdf into polyline and i want it to fit into the base map of OpenStreetMap. How can I rotate and reduce the polylines layer? With the image will be easier to know than I ask.
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Extracting and georreferencing shapefiles from a PDF file

I am trying to extract and georeference the orange polygons/lines from this PDF file of the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. To do so, I am mostly trying to follow what was discussed in another question, ...
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Converting GeoPDF to ArcGIS with annotations (arcmap original labels)? [closed]

I've got a GeoPDF file that contains vector and annotation data (arcmap labels). I need to convert it into a feature class. I've tried to follow the former questions that been asked here: Adding PDF ...
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Turning "normal" Vector Data into a GIS

I have a map in Adobe Illustrator with several vector layers. ( Therefore the vector data have no spatial reference and no attributes. What is the best way to turn these vector data into a GIS and ...
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SVG's as map layers, any other way?

I have a map in SVG format. I can import it as an SVG symbol, scale it, rotate it and geolocate it, all as a symbol. This is great as I get all the plusses of a scalable vector graphic. I.e. when I ...
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