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Recommend topics to be included in a Computer Science for Geospatial Technologies course

I will be instructing a course at the local university titled Computer Science for Geospatial Technologies. This is an introductory course meant to introduce computer science concepts to geospatial ...
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6 answers

Formal Training in Software Development [closed]

I am a GIS Programmer/Analyst in Vermont with formal training as an Environmental Scientist with GIS. I have found throughout my GIS career the need to learn programming skills. I currently work for ...
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1 answer

How should students cite maps I create for them?

I teach QGIS within my high school's IB Geography course at our school here in China and I'm struggling to get accurate base maps. I'm considering using a drone to take aerial photos of the village ...
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Is there an arXiv-like electronic archive used by the remote sensing community?

Mathematicians, physicists, and (theoretical) computer scientists use arXiv extensively to share their preprints. Indeed, one could say that it's the established way to share one's research. Is there ...
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3 answers

Professional Certificates for GIS [closed]

Which professional certificates are most desired by employers seeking GIS professionals? Are there any online courses available online that provides certification?
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Search engine for GIS related academic conferences [closed]

I would like to know if there is some kind of (meta) search engine to find any GIS related (geospatial, geoinformation, geo-whatever,...) academic conferences? Ideally where one can select conferences ...
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