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An action is something that happens when you click on a feature (in QGIS). It can add functionality to a map, such as retrieving additional information about an object.

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Can QGIS open folder with "run feature action" tool?

Is possible to open folder with "run feature action" tool? I can open specific file like .dwg, but don`t know how open folder in specific location. This folder contain multiple .dwg files and when ...
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Can I open a form in layer action?

I want to open a form (made in QTDesign) in the layer action. It is possible?
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View HTML field data with QT4 browers as a QGIS Run Feature Action Tool

I've successfully populated a sqlite table with an HTML-encoded-table as a field attribute, and so there is literally a Table within a single field value in sqlite, for each record. This is going to ...
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Has Action behaviour changed between 1.7.4 and 1.8.0?

I have an Action that loads raster layers (.jp2) into the current QGIS window. This action has been working great in version 1.7.4. I have now upgraded to 1.8.0 for many reasons, but the same Action ...
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