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A process, used in photogrammetry, of creating geometrically correct models based on points simultaneously observed in overlapping air photos.

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Acquire ground coordinates of target while doing aerial survey (airplane or helicopter)

The Problem: Each year I board a small airplane and look for diseased individual trees while flying transects over the forest I help manage. The current method for marking a tree's location is ...
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Trigonometry and calculating the elevation angle from aerial photography

I was wondering whether anybody could advise me on a way to calculate the elevation angle from a camera to an object in an aerial photograph taken from a known elevation with no suitable reference ...
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Performing aerial triangulation on scanned aerial photos without having surveyed ground control points (GCPs)?

I have a set of 1200 historical aerial photos covering North Carolina outer banks area from 1974, 1984 and 1992. I need to georeference them and produce seamless color balanced dataset that will be ...
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Does height difference between beacons results in a more accurate 3D position localisation?

I'm kinda fresh on the trilateration/triangulation topic. If you place 4 beacons in each corner of a room at the same height or if you place them on different heights relative to each other will ...
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Drone aerial imagery to QGIS

I used Phantom DJI Standard 3 drone for some aerial photos of an archaeological site. When I viewed the properties of the jpeg file, it contained Longitude (like this: 22; 14; 37.701258239) and ...
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How to do Aerial Triangulation from raw aerials?

I have received 1390 raw aerial images. For the purpose of understanding I have imported 4 images and here you will see that roads are not lining up. When I spoke to the creator of these aerials, he ...
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Software for image orientation (aerial triangulation)

I'm trying find a software which can orient an UAV Imagery using GCPs (Ground control points in UTM Coordinates system) and Camera calibration (only camera focal length, p1,p2, k0, k1, k2, k3 and ...
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Star Markers - unable to get tie points in Inpho Match-AT

What do the star markers mean in Trimble's Inpho Match-AT software, specifically in the multi-photo measurement feature? I have been unable to generate tie points in an aerial triangulation in photos ...
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