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Arc2Earth, LLC is an innovative technology company focused on the juncture of GIS and the web.

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Google Earth/Maps aerials via arc2earth producing cuts in PDF output

I just purchased a month of arc2earth. They provide Google imagery backgrounds with great resolution and display fine in ArcMap but after exporting to PDF they have these triangular cuts as seen here: ...
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1 answer

Setting relative paths for KMZs in Arc2Earth dialog?

Using Arc2Earth, I'm converting a large vector dataset to a KML with regions. The resulting kmz works great on my computer but the files paths are all actual paths and not relative, so they don't ...
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4 votes
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Adding commas to number values in arc2earth generated KML balloons?

I'm using Info Window Builder in Arc2Earth to generate some kml for a large dataset. I'm having some trouble formatting numeric values (pulled from the attribute table) to include commas (group ...
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