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Google Earth Client: Where are the local placemark icons stored?

While working in Google Earth on computer disconnected from the internet, I created a few placemarks, with some of the built-in icons. I saved the layers to a KML file. When I opened the KML file, I ...
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Using user:pass-protected Geoserver layer as a WFS service in ArcGIS Earth?

I am able to load a WFS layer from a Geoserver in QGIS. Note that the layer needs a login to see. If I try to load it in ArcGIS Earth however, I get an error. I think the issue is that I don't see a ...
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Using a local WMTS server with ArcGIS Earth on iPad

I would like to use an open map tile server to server tiles to the ArcGIS Earth application running on my iPad. I would like to do this as the iPad is not always connected to the Internet, but will ...
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Editing imported KML in ArcGIS Earth?

The recent release of "new Google Earth" appears completely unsuited to the tasks for which I use Google Earth, so I figured it was time to see if I should migrate to ArcGIS Earth as was suggested to ...
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