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ArcREST is a python package for the ESRI REST API

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Is ArcGIS API for Python or ArcREST faster than arcpy.da for editing hosted features?

I have a large hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online of 52,000 points. I have been building the feature layer over time by simply using the Append tool in ArcGIS Pro. Now I need to update some text ...
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How to use a key in an esriRequest call

I have been making calls to a previously free API using esriRequest var layersRequest = esriRequest({ url: base_url, content: { "latitude": lat, "longitude": long, ...
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Adding data to a feature layer on ArcGIS Online using arcrest and arcresthelper.featureservicetools?

I'm attempting to automate some web map updates on ArcGIS Online through the use of the arcrest module. The following two methods are intended to act as the interface between local data sources and ...
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ArcREST updateDefinition changes some fields but not others

I am updating the Layer Definition's of a number of feature layers hosted by ArcGIS online via the arcrest module in python(2.7). For certain fields we want "visible" to be false, and for some we want ...
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Problems using REST API to generate Tile Packages from World Topo (For Export)

Using the python script below it seems that I can request the generation of tile packages from an ESRI ArcMap REST service, and then download the resulting tpk file generated by ESRI. But when I try ...
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Can ArcREST be used with a local ArcGIS Server?

I'm looking at using ArcREST to insert rows in a featureservice on a local ArcGIS Server. All the sample that I've seen seem to be connecting to a ArcGIS Online. If I look at the Documentation for ...
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overwrite feature class in arcgis online using python

I have access to Arcgis for Server and am trying to overwrite a couple feature service layers I have hosted on arcgis online. I usually overwrite these manually by uploading zipped shapefiles from a ...
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Using python to publish feature services to arcgis online WITHOUT Arcgis Server

My small non-profit currently uploads feature services manually by zipping shapefiles and "overwriting" them. I'm trying to automate this process in Python and have only come across ago ...
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saving survey123 data programmatically using python

I'm recording data using the Survey123 app which logs data into a standard ESRI rest service, stored in my AGOL account. I would like to save this data an SDE dataset. Is it possible to do so using ...
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Uploading item/file as hosted layer to ArcGIS Online using ArcREST?

I am using ArcREST python package, specifically the example to upload a shapefile to ArcGIS Online (AGOL). The example is straightforward and I have successfully uploaded a shapefile to ...
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Arcpy 64 bit, or multiple Python installs? [duplicate]

I am new to Python, and am trying to write a script that would upload a geodatabase to AGOL at a scheduled interval. However, the 32 bit distribution of Python cannot handle the file size (over 1 MB), ...
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Looping through AGOL services with arcrest

Using this example I am trying to loop through my Arcgis Online account using ArcREST in order to download feature layers locally. However I have not been able to drill down into each folder to ...
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Add Item and Publish Service with ArcREST or ArcPy

I would like to have an automated process which does the following: Adds a CSV to our portaL/AGOL organization account. Publishes the item as a hosted feature service. Consumes hosted feature back ...
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