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QGIS Atlas Overwriting Multiple Outputs

When exporting Atlas features with Output to multiple files (i.e., 'Single file export when possible' checked OFF) it repeatedly overwrites the file as each atlas feature is exported. When export is ...
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Cannot Generate Map Atlas

I am following a tutorial for using the map atlas feature in QGIS for the first time and I am encountering a problem. I believe I have everything specified I need to in order to generate an atlas, but ...
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QGIS 3.28.11 problem with duplicates in atlas generator

In QGIS i have a shapefile with around 2000 polygon features. Attribute table has 3 columns: Field, Type and cover. Each polygon feature has a unique field number. There are 163 types. For each field, ...
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Automatically export each item in a layer as an image

I have a simple CSV file with points only. Each point represents a historical location where certain last name was mentioned in the XIX century. It looks like this: lat;lon;last_name 55.9885461;66....
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How to create two themes for use on the atlas feature

Recently I've discovered the beauty of the atlas feature. However, I need to include an overview page. I've seen many things online regarding including an inset map (or index map) within or just above ...
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Creating map through atlas defined by attributes

I am trying to automate the creation of maps using atlas. I have a shapefile with the location of different big cat species in an area of Africe. I want to plot each species on a different map. The ...
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Atlas omits layers created in the Graphical Modeler when saving image files

I have QGIS version 3.16.11 The problem is that newly created layers (outputs from the Graphical Modeller) are not added to the layouts of the atlas. Creating an atlas (export Atlas as images) is of ...
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Export atlas PDF failed to print images item on template

I create a template on QGIS which contains some text and images. I render the image using HTML with code: <style> .cropped { position: absolute; width: 27mm; /* width of container */ ...
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Print number of features as text in QGIS Print Composer (Atlas generator)

I have made an atlas in QGIS 3.6.3 (Noosa) of plant species distributions in two periods of time. Black dots represent distribution in the period 2000-2019 and gray squares represent distribution in ...
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Creating Atlas dynamic text from multiple layers in QGIS

I am creating an atlas using QGIS v3.12 but would ideally like to include a dynamic text box that takes values from multiple layers contained on each atlas feature page. The map is made up of two ...
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Showing all polygons with same ID with Atlas generation in QGIS

I want to create PDF-maps showing polygons/areas automated by using the Atlas generation. I have a SHP-file that contains polygons and every polygon/feature (in the attribute table) has an ID that I ...
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Batch export different map compositions based on the same Atlas

Assume I have an Atlas with the following elements: '001' '002' '003' I also have several compositions named: 'A' 'B' 'C' With the print Atlas function, I can print a PDF per each composition, ...
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Enabling QGIS Atlas from QGIS Python Console

How can I enable the checkbox of atlas of print composer in QGIS 3.4, from Python Console in QGIS? Here a image:
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Atlas export using Python: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'atlas'

I'm trying to export my atlas layout named "Atlas_png", but are getting the error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'atlas' (line 27). I have tried to use this examples: Exporting ...
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Difference between featureid and featurenumber

I have created an Atlas and I want to show the page number of each Atlas page. For that, I can create a label and either use [% @atlas_featureid %] or [% @atlas_featurenumber %] But what is the ...
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Rename section and change order of sections in QGIS Reporter

I am new to the qgis reporter and am wondering, if I can change the name of different sections and also change the order of the sections. In my report, I will have approx. over 10 sections, and it ...
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Using QGIS Atlas outside of Print Composer?

I wonder if it is already possible to use the Atlas Panel outside of Print Composer like it would be in ArcGIS with Data Driven Pages. I often use Data Driven Pages to screen through an entire area in ...
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Altas with rules on different layer than the cover layer [duplicate]

I need to generate an atlas based on a polygon shapefile, but I'd like to see just what is inside the polygon itself. Maybe with rules that involves other shape's attributes. Any suggestion?
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QGIS Atlas Feature for multiple polygons with same attribute [duplicate]

I have a shapefile of city blocks in a given city. Each polygon represents an individual lot, but the attribute table includes a column called "sector", that denotes the zone of the city that the lots ...
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QGIS rule based symbology for rasters in Atlas?

I'm making species distribution maps and have got the Atlas working perfectly using a polygon layer to show the quarter degree grid cells for species observation records. I have ~ 250 species. The ...
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Changing thematic symbology based on an atlas feature reference

I have created a layout atlas based on a geographic layer containing defined store 'catchments' (ie as polygons). Each atlas 'page' shows just the relevant catchment region. For each atlas feature, ...
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Fix the map in atlas

I am trying to make an atlas of a terrain that we divide in diferent plots. I would like to have in each map of the atlas each plot highlighted, but seeing allways the complete map, as you can see in ...
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Multipage atlas with different maps in every page

I have to print 2 pages with different maps on every page. Every map represents a city as polygone and the scale in every map is the same. The setting of the zoom and the scale is not a problem: I ...
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Filter diagrams with atlas coverage layer in QGIS

Please advise how I can hide diagrams outside of the coverage layer when using QGIS atlas function. I can do this for polygons,rasters etc without problem but whatever I do I cannot hide diagrams from ...
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Issues with atlas generator and labelling across maps/images

I have a lot of layers in my project and I am trying to use the atlas generator in the print composer to create a tiled map. Some of the layers have labels which have different configurations with ...
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