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Attribute indexes can speed up attribute queries on table/GIS layer

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Do attribute indexes improve layer symbology performance?

ArcGIS Desktop & Server 10.7.1; Oracle 18c: For feature classes that are symbolized by a values in a single field (multiple symbols): Would a layer draw faster in the map if its symbology field ...
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Using an attribute index to find matching attributes of two layers faster?

Similar to Indexing attribute field of shapefile in QGIS, I am wondering if such a thing like an attribute index exists for PyQGIS. Goal of its usage would be to iterate over two vector layers and ...
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How to filter points in one go by setting extent area around line?

I have a large set of data points which are falling away from my study area(Which is not required)Pls see image attached. I need to filter points which are falling within a radius of say 2km from the ...
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Atribute index out of bounds [0;0] when connecting points of two point layers using PyQGIS

I am currently writing an Python script within QGIS to connect points of two specific point layers: Attributes of point layer 1: Attributes of point layer 2: For each point in point-layer1, the ...
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Indexing long text fields failing using arcpy AddIndex?

Arcpy AddIndex_management won't index long text fields, is there a workaround? I tried: arcpy.AddIndex_management(r'C:\workspace\foo.dbf', "Text") and got the error: Runtime error Traceback (most ...
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Removing Indexes

Using ArcGIS , I'm trying to automate a process to remove indexes from a dataset using the ArcGIS Modelbuilder. Is it possible to use a dataset (not a feature class) as an input parameter? Or would I ...
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Indexing attribute field of shapefile in QGIS

Is it possible to index an attribute value of a shapefile in QGis, and if so save this as part of the project (similair to a spatial index)? I have a large shapefile of land parcels (maybe about 1 ...
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ArcGIS PRO Memory Leak Caused By Single Feature Class [closed]

I use a combination of ArcMap and PRO on a daily basis. It doesn't appear that many people are using PRO yet based on the lack of documentation online. All of layers are feature classes stored in ...
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Using non-unique names for attribute indexes of file/ArcSDE geodatabases?

I am using ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Desktop. Within a file geodatabase does an attribute index name need to be unique? I thought that it did, but I have not been able to find any documentation to say ...
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Listing feature names as attribute within polygon using QGIS?

I have a number of polylines in QGIS that correspond to seismic SEGY files, and want to subset the dataset using a box/polygon that I make in QGIS. Is it possible to get the feature names that are ...
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Loading layer from ComboBox in QGIS?

I made a plugin what has multiple combobox but i have problem with the information load from the second combobox it depends on the combobox 1st. In the first combo box, i can choose layers from the ...
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Issue on Removing Index From Field by Arcpy

Using ArcGIS 10.2 Desktop, I am trying to remove an attribute index from my shapefile (marten.shp) as: import arcpy from arcpy import env env.workspace = "D:\\Map\\Data" arcpy....
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Creating Multiple Field Indexes Using Arcpy

I want to create a code that will take a feature class' fields and create indexes for each of them (because it is tedious to do it by hand). I'm trying to use arcpy.ListFields to get the fields and ...
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Create a non spatial index on an attribute in QGIS before joining two layers

I’m trying to join a .dbf which contains no spatial data to a shapefile containing spatial data. Ideally I’d like to create an attribute index on the join field in the .dbf before I join it to the ...
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Using Element Properties with ArcGIS Report Designer? [closed]

I've finally got a table generated that will work for a street index and I'm attempting to use the ‘Create Report’ tool with ArcGIS 10.1 to generate what I need for a map. Essentially, I have it setup ...
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Verifying that attribute indexes are being used in query from ArcObjects?

We have some software as part of a larger project written using ArcObjects via .NET. This software migrates and merges data from multiple file geodatabases in one schema to a single file geodatabase ...
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Are personal geodatabases better suited for quickly querying indexed attributes than file geodatabases?

I'm preparing data for an ArcGIS Engine application that queries the data to search for an address. Sometimes we search just on the street name field, just on the house number field, or both. When ...
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