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For Questions which are specific to the country of Austria.

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Importing a set of X-Y coordinates - data gets split and partly misplaced at the boundary of Austria GK Central and Austria GK East

I have an Excel file of coordinates of a line structure (think river or infrastructure like road, railways etc) without any info about the coordinate system except that it says GK in the X and Y ...
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Opening "Kataster/DKM - Grundstücke" files in QGIS

This website seems to provide cadastre data for Styria (a state in Austria). Writing kataster in the search (Suche) field gives: If I click on the third result, i.e. "Kataster/DKM - Grundstücke&...
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Determining Austrian roads which are accessible for pedestrians from OpenStreetMap?

I've looked at the attributes/tags of the OSM highways but couldn't find any information about my issue. Is there a way to receive the information which roads (of the OSM highway key) are accessible ...
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Conflicting boundary information

When I query, for example, the Germany Boundary Commission, and the Austrian Boundary Commission, for boundary information, I am getting conflicting data sets. Is there a resolution method for this?
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Projecting Austria data with QGIS?

I'm trying to reproject this dataset from Austria Statistik Geodata. Data comes in "MGI_Austria_Lambert", and I'm trying to reproject to WGS84 What I'm doing is Saving layer as... and selecting EPSG:...
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QGIS 2.4: is displayed in poor quality

I have a huge problem displaying the austrian WMTS Service in QGIS 2.4. When I add the service, qgis logs multiple errors on failed tile requests. When I zoom into the map, it is displayed ...
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Transforming data from Austria and Slovenia

Can anyone help with fitting together these 2 shapefiles?
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Is it possible to have a multi-modal network in QGIS? [closed]

I would like to design a multimodal network in QGIS and connect it with real-time traffic data (for road, rail and inland waterway). Is it possible to have a multimodal network in QGIS? And how can I ...
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