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Polygon Barriers error when creation network service area in ArcMap

I have encountered an error when creating a service area using the park location in the local area. The service area was successfully created, and everything is excellent, except for the Polygon ...
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Minimized distance between points while staying INSIDE of a designated polygon

I am a fisheries student and am currently tracking fish movement in a lake. I am trying to assess their optimum/minimized distance moved between each sequential location for each fish. However, I can ...
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Creating Buffers with Barriers using ArcGIS Pro

I have a dataset with about 350 points and another set with road data (polyline). I need to generate individual 500m, 1000m, and 1500m buffers for each of those points; however, whenever a road cuts ...
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Calculating shortest path with barriers using ArcGIS Pro

I have two layers of points (bus stops and facilities) within a city. I need to calculate which facility belongs to the closest bus stop. It can be done by near feature in ArcGIS Pro, but it doesn't ...
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Solve route with line restriction is not working as expected

I am implementing the routing solution with a point, line, and polygon restriction. Whenever we are passing the line restriction, it's restricting travel on all intersecting roads. To explain the ...
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Routing with set of points and barriers individually using ArcGIS Network Analyst

I need to run network analysis routing (to calculate distance) on pairs of points with barriers. I have 3 feature classes: Origins Destinations Barriers All 3 of which share a common unique ID ...
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Hard line-barriers for Thiessen polygons

Similar to Creating polygons from points using lines as barriers, which has not been resolved; plus, the scenario is slightly different. I have one dataset with 60,000 points and one with boundaries ...
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Interpolation with barriers in Google Earth Engine [closed]

Does anyone have a code example or helpful information to conduct Empirical Bayesian kriging on Google Earth Engine or of an interpolation with barriers technique in Google Earth Engine?
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Buffering around feature except where barrier prevents using QGIS

Is is possible to grow a buffer around a feature, except where another feature stops the expansion using QGIS? There is an existing similar question for ArcGIS Desktop: Buffering with physical ...
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Accesibility - adding barriers

I am studying how the accesibility and mobility is affected by multiple factors such as traffic, extreme water events, etc. I am looking to add cost barriers, some of them should affect the speed ...
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Calculating nearest distance between 2 points and creating line between them avoiding barrier using ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I have 2 point datasets. One shows a number of offshore locations. The other is the location of a number of ports in the UK. I want to get the name and distance to the nearest port for each offshore ...
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Kriging interpolation with blocks as barriers for street level visualization in ArcMap?

I'm trying to do Kriging interpolation with blocks as barriers for street level visualisation, but I can't realise how I can do this. I already have the barriers polygons, data and all. But can I do ...
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Using different types of barrier lines in ArcGIS Network Analyst?

I'm trying to load line barriers into network dataset. The shapefile I prepared to use as barrier has a column called "TTtype" with two different types of "Restriction" and "Scaled Cost" and also a ...
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Once route is solved, also return encountered barriers from ArcGIS Server Network Analysis?

I have came across an unexpected "issue" while working with the Esri JS API and ArcGIS Server Network Analysis service. Once user submits the route solving task to the server, I'm appending the ...
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How to add barriers and flag to geometric network through code

I'm developing an ArcMap add-in that will run a trace against a water main that the user has selected using the selection tool. The geometric network is already defined and I can run the trace by ...
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Network analyst scaled cost barriers in ArcGIS JS API or REST API

I am developping a GIS web application using the ArcGIS JS API. I know that scaled cost barriers are available in ArcMap, but I am wondering if they exist in the JS API or in the REST API and if not I ...
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Calculate nearest feature with a barrier

I have three shapefiles: a) polyline with rivers and streams (also as polygon available to me), b) polylines of highways and roads and c) point file with locations in the riparian vegetation. I want ...
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Quality estimation of a spline interpolation with barriers

I interpolated the age of minerals for the Inner Tien Shan mountains (Kyrgyzstan) using the ArcGIS tool "spline with barriers". I use ~ 200 points for my interpolation. The barrier that I use is a ...
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Diffusion/Kernel Interpolation with barriers? [closed]

I need to interpolate water quality data in a rather small area with peninsulas, islands and developed coastline that will act as barriers between my testing/sampling points. I understand I have to ...
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Kriging with barriers in R?

I wonder if there is a way to interpolate xyz points in a raster within certain bounds using R? In ArcGIS this is called interpolation with barriers. I wonder if there is something similar in R? I ...
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Kriging with barriers in ArcGIS Desktop?

I am trying to do interpolation in a coastal area with data points in several rivers emptying into a bay and on opposite sides of peninsulas. I have created a coastline layer to use it as a barrier ...
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