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For questions related to Belgium (BEL), a country of Western Europe

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What kind of coordinate notation is this?

I've tried searching the web and a lot of questions here to find out which coordinate system this is: [ 4.402223, 51.228429 ] It should be near Antwerpen. Does anyone recognise what coordinate system ...
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Wrong coordinate system after import

I try to do something simple, use official data of Belgium zones that I found here: So I downloaded the files of one city and ...
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Seeking urban area shapefiles for France, Germany and Belgium?

I'm trying to make a map like this for the Low Countries/Rhineland, where I basically show how spread out all the urban areas would be there if the urban areas had similar densities to American urban ...
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Query for all roads and buildings in a province of Belgium_ overpass turbo

I am looking for a query to show all roads and buildings in the province Flemisch Brabant in Belgium. Can anyone help me?
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Why does map display like it is in Isometric when everything is in EPSG:4326?

I'm beginning with GeoServer and try to display a map of my country (Belgium) as an OpenLayers map (embedded into a MapPanel object). I've downloaded the municipalities limits from and copied ...
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Belgium Flood And Precipitation Mapping

Similar to Free sources of mapping data for France, does any one know a source for free downloadable flood and precipitation maps for Belgium?
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