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Is it possible to make "Project Bookmarks" the default when adding a bookmark in QGIS?

Whenever I add a new bookmark in QGIS (3.14), I have to change the Saved in dropdown from User bookmarks to Project bookmarks. Is it possible to make Project the default? The User bookmark doesn't ...
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Increase the number of bookmarks in a QGIS project

In QGIS 3.0 and 2.18 there is apparently a limited number of bookmarks, that can be stored. It is a limit of 250 bookmarks per project. I find bookmarks great for an in-project team coomunication and ...
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Showing bookmark extents as empty, black out-lined boxes? Specifically in a map frame on a layout page in ArcGIS Pro 2.8

I've created a bunch of bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.0, and want to figure out a way to get the extent of each bookmark to appear as a black box around the area on a layout for a map series I created. ...
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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Bookmark in separate Div

Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript I need to create a number of different bookmarks and access them through the HTML in separate div tags. I created this JS Fiddle in attempt. I thought that if I ...
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Exporting bookmarks from ArcGIS Field Maps app

Someone saved a number of bookmarks in Field Maps app (using "add to my places" function). I see that each bookmark has a lat/long displayed but I need all of them (dozens) exported. How can ...
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