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Questions tagged [boundless-web-app-builder]

The Boundless web app builder, refers to the Boundless software development kit (SDK), which is available either as an optional component of the OpenGeo Suite, or as a standalone Java application.

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Would like to install QGIS web app builder

I would like to install QGIS web app builder plugin. I followed all the instructions in the website as closely as possible (installing Boundless desktop, etc etc.) When I open QGIS for boundless ...
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Publishing WFS and wfs-t capabilities with qgis webappbuilder

I have a QGIS project that I'm trying to export as a webapp with the WebAppBuilder plugin. For all my WMS from geoserver and GeoJSONs over the web, the app works fine. However, when I try to build the ...
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Building Final Web App from QGIS Web App Builder?

I have used Web App Builder plugin for QGIS from Boundless to build a web application, but the application only shows in a browser when I click Preview. The application created using Create App does ...
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Seeking Tutorial for Boundless Web App Builder?

Anyone know where is I can get tutorial for Boundless Web App Builder with QGIS for Open Geo Suite? (in video or pdf format). I had tried to search on Google, and tutorial mostly for ArcGIS.
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