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Cannot properly link mapnik with CMake

I installed mapnik 4.0.0. Then I tried to compile an example: #include <mapnik/map.hpp> #include <mapnik/load_map.hpp> #include <mapnik/agg_renderer.hpp> #include <mapnik/image....
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I am unable to start any QGIS version on windows 11

It's been a few weeks now that on my Dell laptop, Windows 11 pro, I am unable to start any QGIS version. Installations that were working, are now refusing to start. I have removed and uninstalled the ...
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Building QGIS with vs2019

I have tried to build qgis from source with this document but I got many errors. Recently I found this guide
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Build a super lightweight version of QGIS

I'm looking for a way to create a QGIS build with a minimal set of specific tools. I want to use it with my custom script that allows the user to: Create a new project Add offline OSM tiles Put a few ...
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QGIS Building From Source Code with QtCreator in Windows 10 - Flex Dependency

My end objective is to develop QGIS plugins using C++ for a Windows 10 target machine, and to use QtCreator as the software development and build environment. Following
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Build GDAL 3.x for iOS

I've been building GDAL 2.x for iOS for years but I will have a compelling need to upgrade to 3.6 when it is released (hopefully later this year). Therefore I now need to be able to build GDAL 3.x ...
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How to verify that all dependency libraries for PostGIS are installed correctly and working correctly? [closed]

I am attempting yet again to build PostGIS from the source to enable the fabled address-standardizer and the reverse-geocoder plugins for PostgreSQL. I have carefully discovered the source ...
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How can I build GDAL without the static libraries?

Background I'm building GDAL myself, because I need it linked against libkml, with: wget -O gdal.tar.gz "${GDAL_VERSION}.tar.gz" tar --extract --file gdal.tar....
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GDAL Build Curl Error

I'm building GDAL 2.4.1 with the following config options ./configure --with-libtiff=internal --with-geotiff=internal --with-jpeg=internal --with-gif=internal --with-openjpeg --with-opencl=yes --with-...
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Build GDAL with CMake

As stated here: GDAL is not yet ready to be compiled with CMake: News 2012-04-28: Pilot project of CMake configuration for GDAL is being developed ...
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