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3D buildings from OSM data for historical interaction

What I am trying to do: Have a 3D interactive map, embedded on a website, that allows viewers to click on buildings which opens up a 'more info' HTML overlay with links/text/images about that specific ...
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How to extract height of building and roof structure from nDSM data

I am working with QGIS; SAGA; OrfeoToolbox and I try to create LOD1 and LOD2 building models. I need help to recreate LOD1 (or LOD2) building models from DSM / LIDAR data. I have a footprints of ...
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Frontal Area of buildings using QGIS

I have to calculate the frontal area index of buildings in a city (λf) which is the total area of buildings projected into the plane normal to the wind direction (Aproj) divided by the ground plan ...
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Associate height information from DTM/ DSM to polyline

I have both DTM and DSM files of a city and would like to propagate this information to the building outlines. What I am hoping to do is to get the average height of the building outline and get this ...
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available data (DSM FIRST, DSM LAST, DTM, BUILDING FOOTPRINT) how to obtain buildings heights?

Lidar data: DSM (First/last) AND DTM are in.ASCII format Footprint available extracted from OpenStreetMap.
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"Heightmap" of the PolygonZ features in QGIS

Let's say I have 3D model of city made from multiPolygonZ features and I need to create black and white image, where each pixel brightness represents height of the building at that coordinate. I need ...
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Osmium how to extract building heights

The documentation mentions, there should be building height present in the building data. However when I extract building data from global north american osm.pbf dataset, there is no such information. ...
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Mapbox 3D building layer does not have 'height' property and all buildings are flat

mapbox-gl-js version: 2.4.1 source I am trying to get 3D buildings in Mapbox, but they are just flat, I added code to get the feature when I click on them and they have no height property, which is ...
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What is the UOM of Microsoft Footprint 2017 height data

It says on the website that height's unit of measurement of MSFP 2017 is in meters. However, as I looked into some real building examples on Google Map street view, they height looks very inaccurate (...
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