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Questions tagged [business-intelligence]

Business intelligence (BI) can be described as "a set of techniques and tools for the acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes"

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Visualize uber h3 hexagon in Power BI

I have two columns. One is h3 index and other is quantifying column. I have converted each hexagon into WKT. I am not sure how I can display hexagons over a map in Power BI.
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Comparing ESRI Demographic Data from different years

I have in my possession ESRI Demographic update data for multiple years: 2013/2018, 2014/2019, 2015/2020, 2016/2021, 2017/2022. I am currently trying to see if it is possible to compare each of these ...
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Tutorials GeoJSP API for business intelligence

I need tutorials about geojsp. It's an open source component (GPL) written in Java that adds geography to Business Intelligence Systems. I searched for tutorials but I didn't find anything.
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self-service mapping tools

I've been looking for mapping software that will allow non-GIS-trained staff, or clients, to create their own maps. For example, CartoDB provides hosted mapping with a web interface that's reasonably ...
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Are there any Open Source (Also Free) GeoBI solution?

I am searching for a BI suite with Geo capability. It should have basic function like showing spatial data from spatial database like postgres/sqlserver etc (Qgis like feature) It should have ...
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