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Google Earth Engine: Calculate protected areas with WDPA dataset

I want to calculate protected areas in a region. My procedure was to convert the WDPA data set into an image and then calculate the area using the reducer.sum function. My problem is that my pixel ...
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Reprojecting before Calculating Area in Google Earth Engine

I want to calculate the area of forest loss in a region. Is it necessary to reproject first and, if so, is the following code for calculating the area correct? var Forest_Change = ee.Image("UMD/...
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Calculating specific sides/edges of polygons

I've a large dataset with different polygons totaling on 2372460 m2. I'm interesting in calculating the sides (in m1) of certain categories of polygons. A case would be the sides of a form of green-...
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Measuring study area of elevational ranges in raster file in QGIS

I have a DEM layer with elevation ranges of -413-5593 m, just as seen below. Then I determined the altitude between 4100 and 5400 m using symbology and band rendering, got the map below and the ...
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QGIS - row numbers by location

Is there a possibility to add continuous numbers in a seperated row that based on their location? Like f.e. from north to south, or left to right. i used row_number, but the numbers seem to be ...
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QGIS calculate area automatically

Is there a way to calculate area automatically when I edit a polygon? I mean, is there any function there I can use on area field and update itself when I finish editing?
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