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Average distance calculation using "Calculate Geometry" on ArcGIS Pro [duplicate]

I have an attribute table on ArcGIS Pro that contains multiple irregular shapes. I need to calculate the average distances from the centroid of each shape to all vertices using the "calculate ...
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Polygons area calculation in one shapefile with different zones (ArcMap or Google Earth Pro)

My country is extended to 4 zones so for calculating area I must set data frame properties in ArcMap (projected coordinate system). I have one shapefile with many polygons (about 300 polygons). I add ...
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Adding new auto-updating fields like [Shape_Area] using ArcGIS Pro

Currently in ArcGIS Pro, any polygon feature class in a gdb will have the fields [Shape_Area] and [Shape_Length] and these will be updated to reflect any changes to the feature geometry. This is very ...
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Count how much area of one layer feature are within another feature polygon

I am trying to count what percentage or area covers features from one layer my default layer - (usually polygon). And write these result into separate fields inside atribute table of my default layer (...
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Creating a stack of annual images

I am working with the tropical moist forest dataset ( and I have a script where I can calculate the areas for a specific year based on landcover ...
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Calculating distance along line to central point QGIS

I have a layer of various water courses. I have a central location which is a reintroduction site for an animal. I want to calculate the minimum distances along the lines of the water course to the ...
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Calculating overlapping areas using QGIS

I am new to QGIS. I have a grid layer as layer one. Polygon’s layer with many polygons as layer two. I need to calculate the ratio of an overlapping area in one square of the grid where two polygons ...
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Why is the calculated area different in the layer that was clipped with a mask

I have a mask that I created. I used calculate geometry in the attribute table to calculate the acres of the polygon (1,214,784 acres). I then used the intersect tool with the mask and another layer ...
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Controling accuracy of polygon data using ArcMap

I have a question regarding polygon data. I implemented "Calculate geometry" and the new column includes the area of interest to ha. The problem is with the accuracy of the data. The site ...
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Calculating KML Lengths from Google Earth in QGIS - results in different values?

I've been trying to use QGIS to calculate the length of polylines found in KML files, after having difficulty getting ArcGIS to work properly. I used this process:
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Plotting polygon on map with length of sides known and lat lng known only for two vertices and no angles known

I have an image(a polygon), generated by survey department from a field survey. I know the lat lng of two vertices and the length of all sides.I do not know the size of the angles.(Using a protractor ...
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Calculating geometry for a clipped layer

Working with ArcGIS Pro. I'm trying to calculate stream length for areas outside of state land. I've tried this two separate ways and was successful in getting the layer that I'm looking for, but for ...
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How to use calculate geometry on non versioned data?

Every time I attempt to use calculate the geometry of some shapefiles I receive this message: ERROR 130051: Input feature class is not registered as versioned. I did not understand why a mathematical ...
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How to calculate a line from a position and bearing in SQL Server 2012 (Spatial)

Currently I've a table filled with measurements from a certain point. All the rows contain a location in Lat/Lon, a bearing in degrees and some other data containing sensor updates etc. At this moment ...
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Cannot calculate length of roads

I would like to calculate the lenght(km) of each line in shapefile of roads in a study area. I tried to use "Calculate Geometry" but it doesn't work! I cannot select 'Units', and 'Property' for '...
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Export UTM coordinates with sub-meter precision from a shapefile in ArcGIS Pro?

I have a series of points in ArcGIS Pro that were collected with sub-meter precision. I need to export UTM coordinates for each point so that I can use them for some processing outside of Arc, and I ...
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How to find geographic coordinates of intersection point of two lines originating from two different geographic coordinates?

I have two planes emanating from two different geographic coordinates as per wgs 84 reference ellipsoid namely (lat1, long1, alt1) and (lat2, long2, alt3) with a bearing b1 and b2 with respect to ...
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Calculating area of geometry using Geopandas? [duplicate]

Is there an easy way in geopandas to calcuate polygon areas after an intersection analysis? I am switching from ArcGIS to open source and try to translate my code. In ArcGIS I used: arcpy....
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Converting Google Maps Lat Long to Square meter area

I want to convert a set of 5 Lat Long (Directly taken from Google Maps) into Sq Meter area. As 5 points are there I have found the formula on Converting Longitude and Latitude Coordinates to Square ...
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Using the arcpy Python library with hosted feature service layers from ArcGIS Online?

Is it possible to use the arcpy library with hosted feature service layers from ArcGIS Online? I am aware of the ArcGIS API for Python, but the API lacks many of arcpy's features. In my case, I'd ...
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Finding Square Polygons using ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

Anyone know of an ArcGIS tool (or trick!) to determine square polygons? This is sort of a - find the geometric shape of a polygon, if all lines of a polygon are equidistant then YES (select) Seems ...
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Does Calculate Geometry tool exist in ArcGIS Pro?

Does ArcGIS Pro have a Calculate Geometry tool available for use?
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