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A service that provides access to metadata for geospatial datasets and for services that provide access to geospatial data.

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QGIS Server Catalog URL

I'm trying to set up QGIS Server Catalog but can't make it work. QGIS Server 3.22 runs correctly using the default setup with nginx and systemd. I use this QGIS Server environment variables to set up ...
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Select a cataloging / metadata system? [closed]

We are setting up a GIS server based on QGIS / PostgreSQL-PostGIS and GeoServer. We are missing an important tool, the cataloging and metadata system. PostgreSQL and GeoServer are on a Windows Server ...
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Making my catalog public on THREDDS

I have been assigned a task to create a THREDDS server so our lab can start uploading data online. I managed to learn how to download and work with Tomcat/THREDDS and established our own local server. ...
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Resource allocation to lidR LAScatalog process with SLURM bash script

I have a possibility to do processing on a super computer, where task managing and resource allocation are controlled by SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) batch job system. However, ...
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Configuring lidR catalog to save files with same filename?

I'm trying to learn how to use the options of catalog() within the lidR package in R. I'd like to save directly the processed files, for example, using grid_terrain() function over a catalog and save ...
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Searching on a remote GeoNetwork catalogue

On a GeoNetwork 3.0 node, I would like to search directly on another remote GeoNetwork node rather then harvest its data. My goal is to incorporate search results from the remote node and the local ...
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GeoNetwork WPS harvesting

I'm doing some testing of GeoNetwork and trying to harvest some OGC services to populate the catalogue with datasets and processing tools. Following the GeoNetwork documentation, this works well for ...
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Recommended approach to integrate GeoNetwork with SQL Server database

I am new to GeoNetwork. But now my organization wants to invest in it to see how we can make the best use of it for publishing, sharing and distributing metadata. We currently have all our GIS data (...
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Katalog for Envi

I am working In Process of Image Cataloging of Satellite Imagery. For That I have found Free extension software in ENVI called "KATALOG" but I cannot find any useful resources for ...
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How to return a map catalog from a WPS process with GeoServer?

I guess everything is in the title, I would like to be able to select a map and have it returned. This is because I'd like later on to return a GeoTIFF which would have been generated by the server, ...
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Is there an exhaustive, searchable catalog of all GIS web services (e.g. OGC WMS/WFS, REST, SOAP)?

Many of us have struggled to get a list of GIS services that are available on the internet. Specifically map services that expose OGC based interfaces like WMS, WFS or Web Service interfaces like REST,...
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Is there a public OGC Catalog Service (CSW) available? [closed]

Is there an "almost always available" service URL for a public Catalog Service (CSW) available anywhere? I'm keen to test CSW client capabilities without having to configure a CSW server.
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