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a row or grid of cells in which each cell has an initial value and all cells are simultaneously evaluated and updated according to their values and the values of their neighbors.

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CA-Markov unavailability in QGIS

Under QGIS plugin, I can't find CA-Markov plugin. How do I install it in the latest QGIS version?
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Simulating urban land use change using a Cellular Automata - Markov Model in ArcGIS [duplicate]

I am trying to simulate urban land use change using a Cellular Automata - Markov Model. Is it possible to do this in ArcGIS (or any ArcGIS extension)? I do not have access to IDRISI. I am fine ...
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Cellular Automata Markov for forecast LULC in R software

I would like to forecast land use changes by implementing the Cellular Automata (CA) Markov Chain models in R software. I have the classified LULC maps from 3 times periods (1992,2003,2014), and also ...
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Probabilities matrices and cellular automata in IDRISI

I apologize for asking about such elementary things, but I am utterly new to IDRISI yet am now having to learn how to perform certain tasks with it on very short notice. Am I right that, when Markov ...
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Markov chains, cellular automata, and raster algebra

I need to build a probabilistic cellular automaton for simulating land-use changes and am wondering how to implement this in a GIS. I understand that Markov chains are a way of doing this, and IDRISI ...
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How do I generate a random raster (or probabilistic cellular automaton) in QGIS?

I'm trying to create something like a cellular automaton land cover change model using QGIS, in which cells randomly change land cover based on probabilities determined from various input rasters. I'...
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Creating randomly shaped clumps of cells in raster from seeds of 1 cell/pixel

I wish to "grow" clumps of cells from seeds within a raster. My base raster is full of 1's and 0's, 1's indicate land and 0's sea/NA areas. From the 1's I wish to select 60 random pixels/...
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Which GIS software or plugins can perform a Cellular Automata Simulation?

I am interested in running cellular Automata to run a simulation on city growth. Which GIS software can run this out of the box, or via plugins?
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