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Finding center point of opened QGIS application using PyQt

How can I find the center point of the opened QGIS application by means of PyQt? By center point I mean this red cross in the middle of my screen where I have opened QGIS, see the image below. I ...
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Recenter projection in QGIS

I'm new here, using QGIS 3.26.3. I have limited experience with GIS (mainly Global Mapper). I've also used QGIS before, but only to view data. I've used Global Mapper to make maps, including re-...
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Draw polygon with specific dimensions [closed]

I'm a beginner with QGIS, and I'm trying to draw a polygon that is 10m x 10m with 90 degree angles placed along a line, and centred around a point on that line. I don't know what projection to use (I'...
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Specifying center and zoom for ol.View

Is it a must to specifiy center and zoom when you declare ol.View? Because it still works when I pass in the extent value to fit function. Here's the example. This is my map variable. var map = new ol....
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sDNA - cycle model based on start and end elevations rather than 3d shapefile

I want to run a cycle roundtrip model in sDNA. My file is a road center line (RCL) map, containing z coordinates (start Z, end Z - image attached). The RCL vector file is shown by GRASS GIS as 3D, but ...
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Shifting existing points (Shapefile) to the center of raster pixels

I have some points in a shapefile in order to sample reflection values out of raster files. As these points are not positioned exactly in the center of their respective pixels, I am looking for a tool ...
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How to get centerline of each polygon (rectangles) in QGIS [duplicate]

How to get centerline of each polygon (rectangles) as in Figure 1 in QGIS to obtain centerlines as in Figure 2 Figure 1 Figure 2
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QGIS how to center the map while drawing a line

I have a line shapefile which represents a delivery route. I am able to extent this route by drawing, using an OSM layer for snapping. (works great!) Since I need a certain zoom level to see what I am ...
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Population centroid of irregular-shaped German counties based on a population density grid

I'm new to QGIS and stuck with this task. Here's the data I'm working with: 1-square-kilometer grid Shapefile of Germany (
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Centering Feature before exporting map to PDF?

I am trying to export single point file maps to PDF. My maps are exporting fine, but I'm having trouble centering the point file in the middle of the map, it's always outside of the data frame. Any ...
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GeoServer 2.10.1 Center Justify Polygon Label Style File .xml

The Title kind of says it all. Trying to Center Justify a label of a polygon using a sld style file on Geoserver 2.10.1. Here is the code snippet followed by a screenshot of the label now. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

QGIS 3.2 - How can I scale polygon about his center? [duplicate]

How can I scale a polygon about his center? I find only transform function, but the scale function here can only move the polygon with the scale factor and don't enlarge it.
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Calculating centre of city? [closed]

A lot of career websites allow you to select jobs from within a radius of your chosen location. Since cities and towns can be considered irregular in shape, sprawling in the definition (do you ...
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Centering label in polygon in TileMill/CartoCSS

For some reason, labels are always placed in the bottom right of a polygon. I want them in the center of a polygon. I tried these: text-horizontal-alignment: middle; text-vertical-alignment: middle; ...
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