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A recognized credential within the field of GIS often granted by an institute of higher education, a professional society, or a software vendor.

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Piv Card Authentication

My company issues piv cards for authenticating with various sites and systems. We have data we would like to add to QGIS, but they are protected behind our pvliv card authentication. Typically. I can ...
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Can you go after ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification and immediately take ArcGIS Desktop Professional certification

I'm looking to build my GISP Portfolio and I need some points on the degree/cert section. Instead of just going after the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Professional, will ESRI let me take the Associate ...
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Certified Mapping Scientist, GIS/LIS – ASPRS [closed]

I'm looking for a bit of a resume boost with a certification / professional recognition. I'm aware of GISP, but I'm wondering if anyone has any input on the Certified Mapping Scientist, GIS/LIS from ...
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Do Esri developer certifications expire? [closed]

Does the Esri Web Application Developer certification expire after some period of time?
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Is there a professional certification available for QGIS users?

I have heard some rumors about a QGIS professional certification program. I have found some documentation on it at but have been unable to find any other ...
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Satisfying the 'Contribution to the Profession' requirement of the GISP-AP Certification, does GIS SE make the cut?

Does participation in moderated online communities such as GIS SE count towards satisfying the 'Contribution to the Profession' requirement of the GISP-AP Certification issued by the Survey and ...
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ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification [closed]

Does someone have any material that can help in Certification of ArcGIS Desktop Associate?
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Can MOOCs Count towards the GISP course points?

I am looking to obtain my GISP, and I am wondering if Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) can count towards the GISP course points if the MOOC is related to GIS?
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ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification - opinions now that it has been a around a few years [closed]

When I first heard about the ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification, I was interested in obtaining this. I took the practice exam but did not do too well since there were many questions pertaining ...
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Where to find books or course materials to help prepare for Esri Technical Certification in ArcGIS Desktop and Developer? [closed]

Where I can find books or course materials to help prepare for Esri Technical Certification in ArcGIS Desktop and Developer?
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What are the most tangible benefits to getting your GISP or ESRI Certs? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: GISP - Value of being certified? Looks like I'm only a few presentations or other "contributions to the Profession" points away from being able to apply for my GISP. Has ...
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Short-term utility of ArcGIS/GIS certifications? [closed]

(Correct me if this belongs in meta) For undergraduate students considering a career using GIS but who will not be graduating with a degree in it, is it a worthwhile investment of time to pursue a GIS ...
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Are Online Certs worth their weight? [closed]

No GIS Certification Programs in my area...Are Online Certs worth their weight? Background Information: Currently a Computer Science student, with 3 semesters remaining. My college doesn't offer any ...
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Professional Certificates for GIS [closed]

Which professional certificates are most desired by employers seeking GIS professionals? Are there any online courses available online that provides certification?
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ESRI Web Application Developer Certification

Does anyone know if there are any sample questions available for the ESRI Web Application Developer Certification exam? ESRI has released 3 sample questions for this test:
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Format and value of Esri Technical Certification? [closed]

Starting mid-January you will be able to register for a series of Technical Certifications from Esri and I was interested in doing this, but have not been able to find out too much information about ...
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GIS Certification [closed]

I have a question regarding GIS certification. My main goal is to develop GIS web applications. Currently I am a developer with over 20 years building software and for the past 10 building web ...
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