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How the GeoNetwork TopicCategory selector for ISO19115-3 works

I'm trying to use the TopicCategory widget that GeoNetwork v4.4 uses in ISO19115-3 editor. Looks like its implemented with an angular directive (TopicCategoryDirective.js), with an associated angular ...
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Is there a way in pyQGIS to change parameter inputs based on what the user selects in other parameters? [duplicate]

Say I have a number of inputs in a python script. If a user selects a certain value in an input then the other inputs can change/disable/new parameters pop up that where hidden, ect. Is there anything ...
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Restricting one parameter value list against another's chosen value in Python Toolbox using ArcPy with ArcGIS Pro

I have a script loaded as a toolbox into ArcGIS Pro. It has two multi-value string parameters. Is there a way to restrict the second parameter's list against the first? For example, if a user picks &...
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Performing operations on Python Script tool startup

I want to perform a selection on tool startup in order to obtain a choice list for parameter derived from selected features. Code kind of works, as I get my choice list with correct values, however it ...
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Creating multi-value choice list of field values and using selected for select in ArcPy?

I am using ArcMap 10.3. I have created a multi-value choice list following this blogpost: I changed the validation ...
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Creating dropdown option when setting up Python script into ArcToolbox? [closed]

I created a script that I will import to an ArcToolbox. On the display name section, I have asked the user to choose a workspace, select the shapefile, field name, and an option to make a pdf, jpeg or ...
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ArcGIS Python Script Tool Field Name Drop Down?

I have a python script that checks file path names for corresponding files in a drive location. All of the inputs were originally hard coded, and it works well enough: import arcpy import os ...
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Generating choice list (dropdown) in toolbox to allow user to select field in CSV as input? [duplicate]

I need to input a csv as parameter 1. Parameter 2 should be a dropdown displaying the various fields (the headerline) where I can select a column to use for geoprocessing. Param1: c:\my.csv Param2:...
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Generating multivalue choice list in ArcGIS using Tool Validation without using Frequency

I am using ArcMap 10.2. I'm trying to adapt a model and script combination found on ESRI's blog site titled 'Generating a multivalue choice list'. However, I've concluded that part of the validation ...
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