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4 answers

Seeking Country/State/City Database [closed]

I am creating a directory which uses locations to categorize all listings. Instead of relying on user input, I'd like to provide a list of locations which the user can select. I have already tried ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Free dataset of world cities, including geometry

I am looking for a free dataset of world cities. I checked all the datasets suggested in the question: Seeking Country/State/City Database?, but couldn't find one where the city location is available ...
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3 answers

Highlighting multiple cities/towns in Google Maps

I'm trying to create a service area map in Google Maps. When one searches for a city or town, Google outlines the town in a light red. If possible, I'd like to have multiple towns selected in this ...
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2 answers

Overpass API query: Get streets in city limited to a particular country

I am working with a self-installed version of the Overpass API. I need to be able to query all street names in a particular city, Inverness in the United Kingdom (GB). There is also a city called ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Extracting country's administrative hierarchy from OpenStreetMap

I would like to extract all the cities along with their administrative hierarchy within a country. I was thinking to use a mix of tag and geom information since tags are often inconsistent/incomplete:...
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Calculating centre of city? [closed]

A lot of career websites allow you to select jobs from within a radius of your chosen location. Since cities and towns can be considered irregular in shape, sprawling in the definition (do you ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Looking for data source for all villages, towns and cities in the world

So, I've been working with Geonames data dumps, but I am finding that they are either not complete enough (cities > 1,000 population), or too complete. Here's an example of being too complete: ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Downloading FAO GAUL second level administrative units from GEE - Shapefiles cannot contain multiple geometry types Error

I am trying to extract some cities' boundaries as .shp but only for one city (kars) it gives following error: filesError: Shapefiles cannot contain multiple geometry types; found 'LineString', '...
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How to get city boundaries of Europe?

I am looking for an up-to-date communes administrative boundraries (LAU) of several countries in Europe (France + adjacent countries). I need it to be quite precise (less than 5m), since I intend to ...
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Google Maps City Boundary of Japan

When I see Japan area though Google maps, I see yellowish boundaries. It seems like places where many people are gathered. I see them in another countries in France I wonder what data are these and ...
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How to make a fictional city map? [closed]

I'm currently making fictional city for my novel project, and I need a tool for making city map. I tried Adobe Illustrator, but it'll be quite hard labeling each streets, parks, buildings etc. I saw ...
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Free Android app / website to create street based polygons and export them (GeoJSON, gpx)?

I'm looking for a very simple app / website that allows selecting multiple points on the map to create a polygon that can be exported as a gpx / GeoJSON file. The idea is to communicate special areas ...
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