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in this context a client is a computer program that displays content requested from one or more servers. For example a web browser is a client that shows content (HTML etc) provided by a web server, and QGIS can act as client when it views, or downloads content from a WMS, or WFS.

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GEE type casting / list creation and access to list-of-lists

I have difficulty in working (interchangeably) between client-side and server-side variables in GEE. I have two lists (defined as client-side variables) : var color_lst = ['604791', 'F648F1', '39a8a7']...
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QGIS WMS layer alignment with OSM

Please bear with as I'm a complete novice when it comes to GIS and QGIS, so some of the terminology may be incorrect. I am using QGIS as a WMS client to test my WMS server. I am trying to overlay a ...
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Selecting the SHAPE column in Toad

I've noticed that SQL clients select the SHAPE column from SDE.ST_GEOMETRY in different ways: select shape from roads Toad: SDE.ST_GEOMETRY(1,1,666666.0,4444444.5,666666.0,4444444.5,NULL,NULL,NULL,...
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Append element to an array in Google Earth Engine

I am trying to write a for loop to append elements dynamically to an array. However, the dimensions of the array change on every loop run, throwing off error. var arr = 1 for (var i=0;i<4;++i){ ...
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API for getting only "essential" OSM source data for large zoom levels?

I'd like to implement a custom client-side rendering for OpenStreetMap. For that, I'd need the source data to render. I could use the OSM XML source - but not at higher scales, as the amount of data ...
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Geoserver - Kerberos authentication

I am running a Geoserver instance in Tomcat and want to know if it is possible to use Windows Authentication (Keberos) to authenticate users in Geoserver. My idea is to setup Geoserver to use an ...
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Mapserver blank image just with "wms_format" "image/png" [closed]

I Have a problem with mapserver 7.0.6 (same with 7.0.4). If I use "wms_format""image/jpeg" everything is fine. But if it's "wms_format" "image/png", there's nothing more than a blank image with QGIS. ...
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Use GeoNetwork CSW from Java

I want to use GeoNetwork CSW HTTP services from a full Java stack client, and not web client, mainly to use HTTP transactional service. I'm always redirected on the login HTML page after making a ...
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Seeking example or docs for geotk-client-csw package [closed]

I need a simple but fast CSW client. CatalogServicesClient is created terribly slow. I was about to write my own pool but suddenly found org.geotoolkit.csw.CSWClientFactory not mentioned in anywhere. ...
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What Are ArcGIS Client and ArcGIS Portal?

I can understand what does it mean when people are talking about ArcGIS Server but not understanding what is the ArcGIS Client and what is the ArcGIS Portal for? Can you please let me know what are ...
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is there any online WFS gazeteer client which runs on my web browser or exposes http requests?

My question is somehow similar to this other thread, but in my case I want to test a WFS service: Is there a web page where I can test a WMS URL? I look for an online service which lets me add the ...
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Extended Qgis Web Client - (gisapp) Helloworld Project Setup on Ubuntu 15.10

I have a problem setting up the Helloworld Project to load in a browser. All QGIS server settings are working including 'GetCapabilities' requests etc. When I click on the test url: http://localhost/...
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Retrieve polygon attribute when positionning a point - openlayers / leaflet

Using a client-side webmapping library (openlayers3 or leaflet), I want my user to be able to add one marker on the map. I will then be able to retrieve long/lat coordinates. From that, I want to ...
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Cannot get ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer to update when adding features

I have C# and XAML code that I would like to use to add features to a feature layer that is in a file geodatabase. This is how the feature layer is defined in the XAML code: <esriLocal:...
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